WWE Raw 10-17-16 Recap (Goldberg Returns)

Goldberg is put over as the holder of the longest winning streak in history alongside clips of 2K17 and his Nitro run. Lita’s interview with Sasha and Charlotte is hyped up, while Owens and Jericho talk about how the cell won’t shorten KO’s career. Jericho says that he beat The Rock and Austin in one night, and he also beat Taker for the World Title – and the only reason he didn’t beat Seth last week is poor officiating. That ref is now on THE LIST OF JERICHO, a new and improved silver and black script list at that! Seth comes out to bicker and another Seth vs. Jericho match is on tap.


They have a fun little match that doesn’t quite compare to last week’s. Seth hits a nice dive on Jericho and KO comes out, leading to Seth being distracted and being locked in the Walls. He gets to the ropes, but Jericho goes for the Codebreaker that gets countered into a Pedigree for the win – so Jericho is 0-2 against him. Charlotte tells Lita that she has won 12 straight PPVs and she’s durable – so she’s perfect for the Cell. Golden Truth and Henry face the Shining Stars and Titus. Henry beats Titus with the World’s Strongest Slam to continue the biggest de-push/push that Titus has had yet.

Backstage, KO and Jericho argue. Stephanie talks about how Daniel Bryan and Shane challenged Raw to three matches and she needs them to be on the same page for the tag match. Sheamus comes out to face Big E while New Day talks about how Sheamus and Cesaro aren’t even Facebook or Myspace friends. Sheamus and E have a fun, stiff match before Sheamus goes on his phone and gets distracted by Facebook to lose via schoolboy. Axel and Bo cut a pre-show promo before Bo faces Neville here. Bo actually beats Neville via the roll of the dice and then beats up Axel. This is all baffling.


Dana comes out to face Bayley and actually wins after draping Bayley’s arm over the rope. She was supposed to get her feet on the rope to cheat to win, but didn’t. This helped no one. Heyman tells Goldberg that he thinks he can beat Brock again, and the fans do too because they chant his name. Sami picks a fight with Braun because no one else will, and Lana is mid-ring in a flattering pink and white flannel shirt. Rusev shows us The Rusevs and he loves his Mama Rusev, former two time world rowing champion. The Rusev family dog has won numerous dog shows ALL OVER THE WORLD! Roman comes down to insult his family, but Lana stands in his way and Rusev superkicks him before locking him in the Accolade. Emmalina hype video.


Enzo comes out in a bright pink overall getup to accompany Big Cass against Karl Anderson. Karl gets the pump knee, but Cass wins with the East River Crossing. The cruiserweights have a skit backstage about their six man tag tonight. Sasha tells Lita that she’ll show the world why she’s The Boss and she’ll make history at HIAC. Kendrick, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese come out to face Swann, Cedric Alexander, and TJ Perkins. The heels got no reaction and this being in the death slot hurts this whole division. TJ’s theme is over though. They have a short match that gives Swann a chance to shine before he loses to the Captain’s Hook.


Mick and Steph high five so she can play the Rock in a modern day Rock and Sock connection. Next week, Jericho faces Seth and KO in a triple threat match. Cole is mid-ring and hypes up Goldberg as the most dominant force in WCW hsitory, and he comes out to his WCW theme and not the WWE remix. He got his classic pyro and came out in a badass Affliction jacket too. His new tron and stage setup is just his tattoo – which is a bit plain, but works.


A gigantic Goldberg chant breaks out and he takes a bow across all four sides of the ring. He goes up to the second rope and yells “I’M BACK!”, which gets a “holy shit” chant of its own. Goldberg thanks the fans for the reaction and gets a “this is awesome” chant. Goldberg says that he’s excited for his wife and son to see him live in a ring for the first time ever. He says in January, he got the call to be in the game and he’s been able to promote the game. He misses kicking ass and being a superhero for kids and being in the game gave him the chance to be that superhero – and there aren’t enough of them left. He accepts the challenge and says that Brock isn’t just next – but he’s last and brings his son out from the crowd to walk around ringside. This was outstanding and one of the best scenes in a wrestling ring since Ric Flair’s post-WrestleMania XXIV retirement. Goldberg came off as the legendary figure that he is and his son and wife got to see it all unfold in front of their eyes.


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