TNA Impact Wrestling 10-20-16 Recap (Cody vs. Eddie Edwards World Title Match)

Moose and EC3’s awful match is recapped to start things off, then Gail vs. Maria is shown. Cody tells Eddie that he’ll have to end Eddie’s dream to capture his own. Cody talks about loving country music and growing up with his dad before tearing up just saying his name. He talks about telling Dusty he wanted to be in pro wrestling and Dusty okaying it – if he could be the best. Eddie comes down and tells him he’s sorry, but Cody will lose. Lashley and Moose come down to talk and then have their match. Really? They’ve hyped this up for months and now it’s just done out of nowhere.


Moose gets posted, but dropkicks Lashley up top and onto the steps. Lashley hits in the safest way possible before Moose “hits” a loosey goosey dive over the top. Lashley avoids the gamechanger and hits a spinebuster. The flip spear hits, but only gets 2.5 for Lashley. Gamechanger hits and gets 2 for Moose. Lashley is set up top, but sends Moose down and hits the super spear to win and guarantee a World Title match. JB is in an echo chamber talking to the Tribunal about facing the Hardys tonight.


Aron Rex comes out for the Fact of Life. Rex blathers on about how the Impact Grand Championship Title means everything to him. They say a bunch of nothing before EC3 comes out and yells at Eli to hit the button. They brawl before Rex attacks EC3 too. The Broken Hardys come out and say DELETE! A very generic theme brings out the Tribunal, in new generic black gear. Matt gains an edge with biting and fake blood, but a Twist is avoided and a high-low gets 2 for the heels. Jeff and Matt hit back to back Twists and win.

The DCC beats up the Tribunal. Allie talks to herself about being a human and not deserving to be treated like this. Braxton Sutter asks if she’s okay and she says that hard times don’t last. LVN tells him that they should all just feel sorry for Allie and tells her to leave. DCC threatens no one in particular. Lashley talks to “Mr. Cody” about the pressure to win the title and says that Rex was going to be the savior – but Lashley destroyed him.

Maria blames Allie for her many failures and Allie stands up for herself by telling Maria she’s to blame. LVN beats up Allie and hits an awful curb stomp. Lashley threatens Eddie and Tyrus talks to Shera about their pay issues – which he forgives them for. Tyrus tells him that he’s picked him a top superstar in TNA to see if he can be a top guy – Shera asks if it’s him and it’s not, but he likes the ass-kissing. Tyrus’s delivery here is outstanding.


Jessie and EC3 cut a promo on Rex and Eli. Shera faces Bennett, who wins quickly with the MIP. DJZ talks to McKenzie about Team X Gold – which I’ve already forgotten about because they’ve done nothing to build this up. Cody comes out to face Eddie. Good back and forth action to start, with a mix of baseball slides and chops. Cody hits the backbump kick before chopping away. Disaster kick hits and he slams him on the ramp. Cody sets him up and lands the muscle buster for 2! Eddie responds with a chain of chops. Cody hits a superplex, but gets cradled and loses. Maria jumps Brandi and Bennett whisks her away.


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