WWE Raw 10/24/16 Recap (Seth vs. Jericho vs. Owens)

The generic intro starts off before Jericho comes out while Cole that “many people” have been calling him prissy. Jericho says there will be no main event because THE LIST IS MISSING. KO comes out and then Steph comes down to yammer and then Seth comes down with THE LIST. He yammers on forever and says that he will Pedigree KO through the mat and send a message to THE AUTHORITY. Enzo and Cass are out, but their mics stop working. The Club comes down and is thankful, but then Enzo starts yelling his singalong promo and the crowd eats it up. Well, one good thing about cutting the same promo every week is everyone else can recite it. Enzo actually beats Karl, thanks to a Cass boot. WWE’s usage of Karl Anderson is questionable to say the least – but he at least has his hot Asian wife, kids, WWE gig, and a likely trainer gig for life to fall back on.


Rusev says he isn’t afraid of Roman or the Cell before the New Day comes out and act wacky. Kofi cradles Cesaro during the swing for 2 – nice spot. Kofi dives into an uppercut on the floor before Sheamus Brogue kicks Big E to beat him mid-ring. Goldberg recap from last week shows him off as a legend. Jericho bitches to mid-carders about the list before calling Jinder a stupid idiot – he wants the list and not breathing. Dana mocks Bayley’s looks, nearly loses in arm wrestling and beats her up before a Bayley to belly evens things up. Jericho and Steph chat and she threatens him with suspension if he doesn’t wrestle.

Curtis Axel says he believed in Bo, but he was turned on – and he needed to go back to his roots in Minnesota! He talks about carrying on the legacy of Larry Hennig and his father Curt Hennig. He gets a “skol!” chant going and came off as a bigger deal here than he has in years. Axel kicks his ass, but loses via a schoolboy. Jericho finds the list, and Braun – who is disappointed at not seeing Sami’s name on the list. Roman says that the Cell is about the US Title and he takes it seriously.

Golden Truth beats the Shining Stars when Primo gets crotched because Henry tosses Titus on the apron and it crotches him up top. They hit a 3D Flatliner and win. Mick is mid-ring for the Charlotte and Sasha contract signing. Mick talks about how he had an autographed photo of Eddie taken for his kids and gave it to Sasha, and while he and Ric don’t agree on anything – they do agree that Charlotte is amazing. He got broken up here and said that Sasha was carrying on Eddie’s legacy, and wanted them to know the risks of the cell before making history. Swann and Kendrick have a death slot cruiserweight match, which Swann actually wins by hitting an Oklahoma roll to avoid a Captain’s Hook. So it looks like Kendrick is going to win the title on Sunday.


Sami vs. Braun is up, and Braun demands more real competition. Braun dominates him and leaves. Kendrick tells TJ that if he loses, then he’s done and he needs it. He needs this to feed his family, and he helped TJ when he needed it, and TJ tells him to try to win. Kendrick tells him to let him win, and TJ leaves. Heyman and Brock talk about how Goldberg will be victimized. Since they’re in Minnesota, a giant Goldberg sucks chant breaks out. Well, that’s not really ideal – but it’s the right city for it to happen in. Seth vs. Owens vs. Jericho is up. Nothing much to it beyond a lot of double team spots and Seth beats them with a double sunset flip out of the corner. KO attacks Seth to close the show. Not much to the show – but it was effective build towards the PPV for the Women’s title match at least.


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