Civil War II Spoilers & Review: Civil War II #6 A Miles Morales Spider-Man Feature That Sets Up Champions #1 Marvel Now 2016? Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel & More!


Civil War II Spoilers and Review follow for Marvel Comics’ Civil War II #6.

The Marvel universe grapples with a vision of new Inhuman Ulysses that has the Miles Morales Spider-Man seemingly killing Steve Rogers Captain America (while none of the heroes know that Cap is a Hydra agent).


As a result, I found this google images amusing so I slapped the Civil War II logo on it.


Anyhow, as Iron Man and Captain Marvel take stands on how they think they should handle Ulysses visions…


…the Champions begin the form.


As a reminder, this is how Iron Man and Captain Marvel view what do with the Ulysses’ visions.

Marvel Civil War II banner 1

Captain America Steve Rogers and Miles Morales Spider-Man have an emotional exchange and Cap supports Spidey’s desire to just leave.


BTW, am I the only one that finds its odd that Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man is MIA in this big Marvel event of 2016? Granted he id dealing with his one Clone Conspiracy challenges.


Thor takes Spider-Man away, but…


…Miles wants to deal with all this in this own way. Alone.


The soon-to-be Champions decided to leave Iron Man’s side to find Spider-Man.


Riri Williams the soon-to-be Invincible Iron Man’s Ironheart joins them.

Invincible Iron Man #1 Marvel Now 2016 Riri Williams is Ironheart Marvel Comics

Iron Man, Captain America and the others on his side notice the “kids” are bout to leave, but Iron Man believe there’s one way to prove if Ulysses’ vision of Spider-Man and Captain America will come true. Insert dangling mystery here… until next issue?


At the same time, Carol Danvers Captain America grapples with the death of James Rhodey Rhodes (War Machine) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) while…


…her team says they located Spider-Man.


He’s taking a stand in Washington?


Earlier in the issue we also see Ulysses seemingly undergoing some evolution that leads into…


…Civil War II #7, with him on the cover, that hits stands on November 16, 2016.


What’s left after that?

Civil War II #8 on December 28, 2016.



We get lots of drama in this issues despite this event mini-series having “war” as part of its title. David Marquez’s art remains breathtaking while Brian Michael Bendis’ story just seems slow in the issue and previous ones. Certainly decompressed storytelling and writing for the eventual trade paperback seems to have largely slowed this whole event down to a crawl while the artist’s recent family changes have actually slowed down the production of this event series. On the strength the art, despite being weighed down by wordy dialogue and slow pacing, I give this issues a 6 out of 10 rating.

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