The Fantasy Book on Needing Something More – Part 2 (Neville, Alexa Bliss, Vince McMahon, Batman)

Hello again. We are back to fantasy book how we might make the WWE interesting again. Several people commented on the main issue being the lack of creativity in WWE Creative. I concur completely. There were some interesting thoughts brought up in the comments last week which made me think that this issue isn’t just bothering me. So what do I think the WWE needs to do?

(Side note – I believe this idea could have been accidentally stumbled over by WWE Creative a long time back, but they didn’t know what to do with it and wound up castrating it like they do with most things.)

The WWE Universe is Gotham City. It is running rampant with bad wrestlers and the people are bored. Maybe they are scared that their beloved wrestling company is heading towards irrelevance. The WWE needs a hero. Maybe not the one they deserve, but the one they need. The WWE needs The Batman.

Think about it, Batman is basically just a guy who has learned to fight. He has no real superpowers. He is a vigilante. And he uses gadgets and gizmos to help him get over on the bad guys. How would it be to bring in a wrestler who got the people behind him but would constantly cheat to win? He would use foreign objects all the time. He would use the ropes as leverage during pinning situations. He would do everything the heel wrestlers do, but would be doing them TO the heel wrestlers.

He would be hated by the heels in the company. And the babyfaces in the company would regard him with cautious optimism. Batman would be making the company safe again, giving the good in Gotham a fighting chance. But he would also be stepping over the babyface line time and again. That type of Machiavellian strategy would not really jive with the “eat your vitamins and say your prayers” version of a WWE hero we’ve grown accustomed to.

I mean, what if Batman got too powerful? What if he not only took down the bad guys but also won the top championships? What if all that power and success went to his head? What would Gotham do then?

No worries. Because Batman is never alone. All of the wealth and prestige of stately Wayne Manor can not insulate him from his true nature. You see, Batman is not just one man against the forces of evil. He is the hero in the story, but he can not exist without his inverse. He is the Yin who needs his Yang to survive. Once all his battles are over and won, he would cease to be. Gotham, and in this case, the WWE, would have no need for a savior any more.

The universe provides for us in such cases. If you have the good, it gives you the bad. If you have the order, it gives you the chaos. If you have the Batman, it gives you … the Joker.

The Joker is a different kind of heel. He doesn’t care about titles. He doesn’t care about winning or losing. He doesn’t care about hurting people or saving people. He just wants chaos. He wants anarchy. He wants to see the WWE burn. And he wants to be the one lighting the match.

As I mentioned in the beginning, it is possible that the WWE stumbled over a similar idea a while ago with the Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt didn’t seem to care about anything other than the chaos in his mind. He didn’t have any fear and just wanted to bring everyone into his own hell. But WWE Creative has neutered the Wyatts so often that at this point their direction and purpose is beyond hazy.

The Joker would need to be strong. He would need to be able to get over on everyone while avoiding Batman. The Joker could have henchmen who could be sacrificed to Batman in order to keep Joker free to pursue his crusade of bedlam. It wouldn’t matter if the Joker won all his matches, lost all his matches, or any combination of the above. He wouldn’t be after title shots. He would just show up, unannounced, whenever he wanted, and attack someone or ruin something. One week he could take over the production truck. Another week he could interfere in a match just for the hell of it. Another week he could steal all of the championship belts. Another week he could jump the announcers from behind. Anything would be on the table at all times.

He would have to be successful in most of these ventures. Therefore, he would have success in this craziness by making everyone uneasy. You would never know what was going to happen or what he was going to do. No one would be safe. No one would be able to rest easy. Batman would see no choice but to go after the Joker so he could try to restore order to his beloved WWE.

Of course this could all build towards a huge match at WrestleMania. A battle for the heart and soul of the company. A battle between good and evil. A battle between order and pandemonium. The grudge match to end all grudge matches.

Now, before you think this is all insanity, remember that the WWE has played nice with DC characters before. And Vince loves him some mainstream crossover appeal. Remember the ill-conceived Stardust versus Stephen Amell? They continue to promote Neville as a comic book-esque figure. Heck, Alexa Bliss is basically Harley Quinn at this point. I think it could work. Maybe not with the full costumes and get-ups, but the storyline and actions of the characters could possibly work. It could bring some energy to the writers’ room as well.

If nothing else, the introduction of a purely anarchic character like the Joker would bring a sense that something might happen that we haven’t seen before. Now who would play these roles? Who would be a good wrestling Batman? Who would be a good wrestling Joker? Heck, we could go all out and even have a Robin in the Cruiserweight division. Or a Prince-inspired Gemini character.

Share your opinions on who could fill these roles in the comments. Let’s get the conversation started about something that could be a lot of fun.


Until next week…


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