10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor October 29, 2016 (Donovan Dijak, The Briscoes, Bullet Club, Six-Man Tournament semifinals)

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Thought Zero – Ring of Honor. One hour. Let’s see what they have in store for us.

1) The first match is Danny Miles versus Donovan Dijak. Dijak has a couple of schmos from the wrestling school he came out of to hold up signs and posters proclaiming that he is, indeed, Dijak. Dijak starts this match out aggressively and doesn’t let up. Granted, Miles was not a very tough opponent, but this was still an impressive outing for Dijak. Dijak finishes Miles with three Feast Your Eyes finishers. About five minutes and Dijak looks like a scary monster. Well done.

2) Next, they show a fairly boring backstage brawl between the Motor City Machineguns and Bullet Club. I’m sure this is setting up for some future match, but that “brawl” was some weak sauce.

3) The Briscoes take on The Addiction next. This should be fun. Wait, The Addiction come out not dressed for competition. I smell a bait and switch. That’s a shame. Christopher Daniels’ t-shirt is pretty cool looking I must say though.

4) Kazarian cuts an impassioned promo which really sells the accomplishments of Christopher Daniels. He then says they will retreat tonight because they are healing and unable to wrestle, but will take on the Briscoes in the future. Daniels didn’t say a word. Interesting. Jay Briscoe then call out the Young Bucks and we cut to commercial.

5) Back from break, instead of the Young Bucks, Adam Cole and Hangman Page come out to answer the Briscoes. Page and Cole rush the ring and the Briscoes gain an early advantage with their hard hitting offense combined with their superior speed.

6) The Bullet Club then takes over on Mark Briscoe and we take another break. I have mentioned before that I think the crowd would like to see Hangman Page turn face and that his moveset speaks to that. But credit where it is due – Hangman Page is showing a very cool aggressive streak, making him look strong and a bit scary.

7) Back from commercial with Mark Briscoe breaking out some cool kicks and such. He makes the hot tag to Jay Briscoe who goes to town on the Bullet Club members. But then Adam Cole cracks Jay Briscoe in the head with the world title belt. reDRagon hit the ring with chairs to save the Briscoes from further damage.

8) Matt Taven cuts a brief promo to alert all the Melvins that his Kingdom will arrive next week. Can’t wait.

9) We’re back with a Three-Man tage team tournament match. The Cabinet take on ACH, Jay White, and Kushida. Fast-paced match as you would expect and they are just working the heck out of each other. Caprice Coleman’s high pitched wails are gloriously stupid and hilarious.

10) The Cabinet has control now and Kenny King hits a very cool Fisherman’s Exploder suplex on ACH. But Kushida get the hot tag and he works over The Cabinet with some more flippy offense than I normally see from him. And it all breaks down with everyone hitting their signature moves. ACH, Kushida, and Jay White win with ACH hitting the Midnight Star on Caprice Coleman. And they wrap up their side of the bracket to head to the finals.

Overall, another solid hour of Ring of Honor wrestling. Enjoy your week and I’ll be back here next week for another 10 thoughts.

Human. I think.