Pull List Roundtable 11/2/2016 – Super Sons Prelude, Cerebus In Hell #0, Occupy Avengers #1, Sheriff Of Babylon #12 & More!

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John Babos

9 books this week. Blurbs to follow.

  • Batman #10 – I’m intrigued by Batman’s Suicide Squad vs. Bane for Psycho Pirate. Very compelling.
  • Cyborg #4 – Didn’t expect to be reading this. I’ve been drawn in.
  • Death of Hawkman #2 – Provocative title, interesting first issue. Should hit next gear with issue #2.
  • Green Arrow #10 – Oliver Queen being Oliver Queen.
  • Green Lanterns #10 – This Phantom Lantern arc feels like an epic making this book feel pretty important. Well written and solid art.
  • Nightwing #8 – Raptor. I like him!
  • Rough Riders #7 – Enjoying this alternate history steampunk super-team of real life historic figures.
  • Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #4 – I’m a sucker for Steve Austin, Jamie Sommers, Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Wells and have been for over 40 year. This mini-series feels authentic.
  • Superman #10 – The Super Sons set up continues now in earnest! Batman and Robin vs. Superman and Superboy?

Mike Maillaro

  • CEREBUS IN HELL #0 – As part of Cerebus’s 40th Anniversary, the warrior aardvark returns in next year’s Cerebus in Hell mini-series. This will be the first new Cerebus story since 2004. I actually have only read the first 50 issues of Cerebus, but I really enjoyed them. So I am looking forward to seeing Dave Sims return to this seminal character. I really hope The Roach shows up, I have always loved that ridiculous character. He’s got quite a bit new to parody these days…
  • AVENGERS #1/CHAMPIONS #2/OCCUPY AVENGERS #1 – Bunch more books set in the post-Civil War II era, even though Civil War II still has a few more issues to go. I continue to complain about this, even if no one else seems to care. I like the creative teams on all these books, but it still bugs me quite a bit.
  • SUPERMAN #10 – Superboy meets Robin for the first time! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! This should be setting up Supersons, though we haven’t heard any updates on the status of that book for a while now. Literally just as I typed that comment, I got a text from my brother, Grey, telling me that DC announced the creative team for Supersons as Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez….
  • UNWORTHY THOR #1 – Will we finally find out what Nick Fury told Thor to make him “unworthy” of Mjolnir, and why he had to change his name? As much as I like the current Thor series, I kind of miss Odinson being a major player in the Marvel universe. Hopefully with the new movie coming up, we’ll be seeing more of Goldilocks.
  • FLINTSTONES #5 – This series continues to be some of the best social commentary I’ve ever seen in comic book form. Definitely a must read. Last issue’s look at marriage was clever, funny, and frustrating all at the same time. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!
  • EDEN’S FALL #3 – The end of issue 2 actually made me scream out loud with a very unexpected death. I am expecting it was just for dramatic effect, but Postal and Tithe aren’t known for pulling punches. This series turned up the heat big time. No idea where it goes from here, but I am hooked.
  • DEATH OF X #3 – I really want someone to invent time travel just so I can skip the rest of Death of X and IVX to get to ResurreXion. I am cautiously optimistic about the many great announcements we’ve got about the future of the X-Men line, but we have to sit through some real garbage to get there…Can’t we just skip to the good stuff already??
  • FAITH #5 – Loved last issue’s twist on the “evil clone” storyline. Faith has been a great read. Looking forward to her getting a bigger spotlight when Harbinger Renegades starts up. Never expected Faith to be a breakout star, but Valiant has done a great job with her in recent years.
  • ANIMOSITY #3 – We had a pretty sizable time jump at the end of issue 2 which changed the whole status quo of this series. Part of me was a little annoyed that it felt like we got one issue of content spread over two issues, but I still loved what we’ve gotten so far. This is definitely a real promising series from Aftershock.
  • Rough Riders #7
  • Josie And The Pussycats #2
  • Batman #10
  • Green Arrow #10
  • Green Lanterns #10
  • Nightwing #8
  • Shade The Changing Girl #2
  • Moon Knight #8
  • Scarlet Witch #12
  • Spider-Man 2099 #17
  • Spider-Woman #13

James Fulton

  • Bitch Planet #9, Prophet Earth War #6, and Southern Bastards #15 – These are all very late, very good comics. This Wednesday is going to feel like a real treat…
  • Mayday #1 – Alex De Campi has impressed me with Smoke, Grindhouse, and especially No Mercy, so this is a definite purchase. I have no idea what it’s about, but look forward to being pleasantly surprised by it.
  • Occupy Avengers #1 – I can’t escape the feeling that Marvel is a few years too late with this title, but if David Walker were to do things like have Hawkeye show up and help protect protesters from DAPL security goons, I’d be all over this. I like more political superheroes, and like the notion that this book might have a rotating cast, so I’m going to support this, even though I don’t know very much about it.
  • Shade the Changing Girl #2 – I liked the first issue more than I expected to (Young Animal hasn’t been doing it for me), and look forward to seeing if the second issue is as good or better. I might be adding this to my pull file list…
  • Sheriff of Babylon #12 – Last week saw the end of Vision, and this week polishes off this title, ending the era of strong, independently-minded Tom King series. His Batman got a lot better with the issue that came out two weeks ago, though, so I might be able to manage with just it.

Phil Allen

  • CBLDF Presents: Liberty Annual 2016 – I’m always a big fan of these compilation books, as well as the CBLDF.
  • Foolkiller #1 – I’ve never heard of Foolkiller, but my wife is a fan of Max Bemis, as a musician and as a writer, so we’ll check this one out.
  • Josie and The Pussycats #2 – I have enjoyed Marguerite Bennett’s writing lately, especially DC Bombshells, and this was definitely no disappointment. Glad to see the new Archie-verse expanding this much.
  • Mayday #1 – I’m always up for some Cold War espionage!
  • Superman #10 – The first meeting of Bat-son and Super-son is upon us, leading up to the new Super Sons book coming soon.
  • The Wicked + The Divine #23 – That hiatus didn’t seem too long! Probably thanks to the one-shot special awhile ago. Things are continually getting hectic, and this looks to be a pretty epic arc.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Batman #10
  • Bitch Planet #9
  • Catwoman: Election Night #1
  • DC Comics Bombshells #19
  • Green Arrow #10
  • Justice League #8
  • Southern Bastards #15


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