WWE Raw 10-31-16 (Halloween Show, Reigns vs. Jericho)

Goldberg starts the show off strong with a large “Goldberg” chant and a promo, but he’s cut off by Heyman. Heyman teases a Brock beating, but it’s a fakeout and he talks more smack. Goldberg marches towards Paul, but Rusev comes down. He punches him, eats a knee to the gut and Goldberg falls down. Cole covers for it saying that Rusev tried a takedown before he gets up, hits more knees and jackhammers him down before gently spearing Heyman.


An Owens-Seth recap airs. Enzo and Cass come out like Buzz Lightyear and Woody respectively while a ton of candy and Halloween stuff litters ringside. Gallows vs. Enzo is up. They have a horrible comedy match ending with them trying to put a pumpkin on Doc’s head, but it won’t fit and the DDG misses by a mile and wins. Kendrick comes out in new purple and silver gear to talk about how nice guys finish last before facing TJP. TJP hits the modified GTS to get 2.5 right away. Triangle rana hits and Brian teases coming in – but opts to stay out for a countout loss. Boy what a horrible division this is.


Braun wants competition, so Mick gives him a match for that and a win will get him a spot on Team Raw. Mick, Owens, and Jericho have a three way comedy bit/promo with Foley hating Jericho, but needing them for Team Raw. Roman comes down and we’ll get Roman vs. Jericho later. Giant battle royal for a Team Raw spot acts as a showcase for Braun. They tease a Benoit-Show elimination from the ’04 Rumble, but Braun overpowers Sami and eliminates him. New Day is backstage dressed in the many gimmicks of Charles Wright.


6-man tag cruiserweight match is up with Swann, Dorado, and Alexander on one team to face Gulak, Nese, and Daivari. They have a perfectly fine match that the crowd could not possibly care less about. This division is just a bunch of random dudes, and there’s no need for it because they already have profile videos in the can for them. Swann wins with a slick spin kick and a jackknife cradle. Recap of Heyman-Goldberg leads to Charlotte’s celebration. She calls Bayley the weak link of the NXT Four Horsewomen – so it’s time for their program to start. It gets Bayley away from Dana!


Bayley says that Charlotte is a jerk, and Charlotte tells her she’ll never be a champion. She makes Nia vs. Bayley here, leading to Charlotte going to do commentary with the team in PJs. And somehow, WWE isn’t taken seriously. Nia dominates her with power moves and wins with a Samoan drop. Cesaro and Sheamus come out to face the Shining Stars. Sheamus gets a tap with the cloverleaf thanks to Cesaro hitting Primo with an uppercut to prevent a save.


Recap of fans as Superstars leads to Golden Truth going to a haunted house attraction. Jericho and Owens have an amusing backstage comedy bit about “it” before the Jericho and Roman main event. Roman hits a nice running Ligerbomb for 2, resulting in KO panicking a bit. Jericho gets 2.5 off a schoolboy. KO jumps Roman for a DQ before Seth makes the save. Seth takes out Jericho and stands tall with Roman reluctantly – so at least the Survivor Series match will lead to 2/3 of a Shield reunion.


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