Impact Wrestling Review November 3rd 2016 (Broken Amnesia, Lashley Vs Edwards and Brandi Rhodes)

Impact this week was far better viewing for most fans than the proceedings inside a Nashville courtroom. I’ve grown tired of talking about the mess that is the internal on goings of TNA, so we shall just talk about the show itself this week.

You can certainly tell that Brandi Rhodes was a ring announcer, as it shines through with her confidence on the microphone. Both Brandi and Maria have good ability on the microphone and that is where both really stand out. Again, we’ve seen very little of Brandi in the ring, but it’s certainly the case with Maria that her strongpoint is the microphone and her character, rather than her in ring work. Their work this week again highlights what I said last week, it’s very refreshing to see so many newer faces in the Knockouts division. One of those newer faces, who of course has been there for almost a year now, is Sienna. Sienna started out really strong, winning the Knockouts title quite quickly after her debut. Over the past few months she has really sunk into the background. This is all well and good; sometimes you need to phase people in and out of the spotlight. I just hope the people at TNA remember just how talented this girl is and continue to use her to her maximum potential in the future.

Aron Rex is continuing to grow as a villainous character and the more you see it, the more you see this is certainly the role for him. You could see how good Rex was at playing a cocky cheat with the original Damien Sandow character. Jessie is a good person for Rex to start using this character with. Jessie being a young talented guy, he can afford to be held back a little by Rex’s cheating antics. It will be interesting to see what Rex moves onto next, if he is moving onto anything else that is. It’s true that he hasn’t exactly caught fire since debuting on Impact but I think the character change is a big plus and I can certainly see him getting even better as Rex gets used to more TV time and more focus than he ever got in the WWE.

The brawl between DDC and the Hardy’s wasn’t exactly Hardy’s Vs Decay levels of crazy but any segment with the Hardy’s on this show is bound to lighten it up. The DDC don’t really strike you as threatening and menacing like I assume they are meant to. Possibly it’s the masks, possibly it’s the fact they are basically slipping on banana peels for the Hardy’s and taking place in all sorts of antics of Matt and Jeff’s. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is still interesting and I’m sure the reveal of who they actually are will be good, I did imagine they’d be far more brutal and threatening though. The Matt Hardy amnesia angle could be an interesting one. Although if that’s the part of this that makes you think the whole broken Hardy thing is stupid, I have to question how you’ve sat through the rest of it.

Eddie Edwards and Lashley had a great match. The two of them have great chemistry and their David Vs Goliath type layout’s always come out fantastically. The way they had Lashley lose was also good; it didn’t make him seem weak but also gave a way for Eddie to escape with the title, which was the right decision at this point. This is also gave a consequence for Lashley and the way he has been treating officials. Apparently Edward’s partner in the Wolves Davey Richards will be retiring from wrestling after 2017. Now he could end up having a change of heart, but if not, when he returns from injury I think you need to pull the trigger of a feud between the two while you still can. Obviously Edwards would benefit from it, as he would be sticking around but you could really have some excellent matches between the two. That said, I’ll be sad to see Richards go. There has been so much potential if both guys; much of which has be fulfilled but some of it still to be achieved. Injuries have cost both time in their TNA careers but there is still time for a feud between the two. Hopefully Richards will reconsider and we can see a prolonged singles run from him in TNA, but only time will tell on that one.

That was Impact this week. A good show overall, if not slightly or actually quite majorly overshadowed by off screen drama. Wrestling is far more fun when it’s all make believe drama, so let’s hope we get back to that soon.


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