WWE Raw 11/7/16 Recap (Fatal Five Way)

A quick recap of last week’s show brings us to Steph bringing out Team Raw – Jericho, KO, Seth, Roman, and Braun. Jeri-KO are hilarious in stereo… and Steph puts them all against each other in a fatal five way. Because everyone fighting will help them be a team…at the show Stephanie wants to win at? Okay then. Swann and Sin Cara face Kendrick and Noam Dar, who gets pyro in Scotland. Swann shines brightly here and even beats Kendrick – heck of a reign for Kendrick so far. Kendrick talks smack to Dar, who sends Kendrick packing.


A Goldberg hype video says that the ass-kicking he gave him 2004 will be trumped by what he does at Survivor Series. Goldberg says they’re almost mirror images and he’s the guy to kick Brock’s ass. Stephanie and Sami chat and she tells him that the winner of Sami vs. Rusev faces Dolph for the IC Title. Enzo and Cass, Sheamus and Cesaro, the Golden Truth, and The Club are out. They chat and then New Day comes out in kilts. Everyone bickers for several centuries before we get The Club against the New Day. Kofi and Karl do some weird stuff where Kofi hops off the top to do a front facelock -s o that didn’t quite work. Magic Killer takes out Big E.

Brock’s hype video says that Goldberg can play himself in a game – but there’s only one ass-kicker, and it’s him. Heyman says that Brock took out Rock and the Undertaker – but he met BROCK LESNAR. Super Cena was taken out by Brock and not even Orton could survive. Jeri-KO meets with Braun and KO convinces Jericho to not be mad about taking the List. Emmalina is still coming soon.


Golden Truth faces the Shining Stars, who win via schoolboy. Everyone aboard the mid-card treadmill – although at least they’re now on Team Raw. Charlotte, Foxy, and Nia are out while Bayley gets a huge reaction. It’s among the biggest, longest reactions in quite some time – maybe Hogan’s post-WMX8 promo got a longer reaction. Sasha joins Team Raw for the women’s match. This leads to a six-woman tag because of course. Bayley beats Charlotte with the Belly to Bayley and gets another big pop. They’ve really got something with her.

Rusev and Sami have an excellent little TV match. Rusev as the bully against Sami as the babyface in peril works perfectly fine. Rusev goes up top and eats a Helluva kick! Sami gets the win! This was a pleasant surprise – although Rusev probably shouldn’t be doing jobs like this too often. The fatal five way features everyone jumping on Braun while the fans get a Grado chant going. Seth and Roman tease the Shield powerbomb, but Jericho prevents it. Seth powerbombs Jericho through a table with Braun on it on the floor. Seth gets a pedigree out of the powerbomb, but Jericho pulls the ref out. Roman Superman punches KO, who lands on Jericho to win. Fun match.


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