3 Ways Professional Athletes Have Changed their Lifestyle

Tobacco smoking is an unhealthy habit for both smokers and people around them. Tobacco smoke has chemicals like carbon monoxide and other oxides that are a risk factor for various types of ill health.

Adverse effects of tobacco smoking

About 69 chemicals found in tobacco smoke have been associated with an increased possibility of cancer. Some of these chemical substances that increase the risk of cancer include arsenic, cadmium, vinyl chloride, and formaldehyde. Most smokers are aware of the adverse effects of cigarette smoking. Despite the knowledge, quitting tobacco becomes a challenge. Some common options like medication and rehabilitation used to help people to quit smoking have turned out to be difficult for most cigarette smokers.

How to quit tobacco smoking

The initial move to stop smoking is to know why smoking is harmful. Knowledge on the effects of tobacco use in your health helps to motivate you towards making a decision. Some of the consequences of smoking include an increased risk of diseases, it is expensive, and it may impact the user’s social life.

After you understand the reasons why you need to stop smoking; consult a medical professional to advise you on how you can quit smoking effectively. The doctor will prepare you a plan that will help you take the arduous journey of quitting smoking.

Tobacco smoking alternatives

Most smokers are often discouraged by the cumbersome processes often involved in quitting tobacco smoking. Given that most side effects are related to tobacco, then shifting to tobacco-free alternatives is one of the ways that can be used to minimize the adverse effects. Considering that tobacco smoking is often a leisure activity, persons interested in quitting have to indulge more in different activities other than tobacco smoking. With athletes, they have to engage in other pleasurable activities, such as controlled socialization, pursuing other sports interests, and vaping to quit tobacco smoking.

Since 2014, most smokers have turned into vaping as a way to prevent cigarette smoking. In United States, vaping industryserves about 9 million customers. Vaping is an advanced version of tobacco smoke cigarettes since it is tobacco-free. People can use vaping to substitute tobacco smoking hence avoiding all side effects associated with tobacco smoking.

Jess- Marie Cornell is one of the stars who feel that vaping is a great way one can stop smoking. She was once a smoker who resorted to vaping after looking for a way to quit smoking in vain even after trying many options.

Jess- Cornell says that she tried her first cigarette at the age of 12. By the age of 18, she was smoking half a pack of cigarettes. She started vapor smoking in 2009 when vapor smoking was still new. The e cigarette liquid helped her out of smoking.

Jess experienced a few issues with the first vaping products. However, due to the advancement in the industry, most companies have started producing vegetable glycerin concentrations that are natural and allergen free.

According to Jess, vaping saved her life, she earns a living from vaping, and she has more friends compared to when she could have been smoking. Besides she has seen people who have successfully quit smoking using the e liquid. Some of the benefits of vaping compared to cigarette smoking include;
• The odorless vapor used in vaping does not contribute to bad breath
• Gas smokers have a reduced risk of cancer and other diseases related to cigarette smoking
• Vaping is cheaper than tobacco smoking.
• Vaping helps people to quit smoking. Compared to other interventions used in helping smokers stop smoking, vaping is easier.
Most experts argue that vaping is efficient in helping adults to quit cigarette smoking. Most people are forced to continue smoking since the rehabilitative ways used to stop smoking are difficult. In most cases, those who quit smoking stand at a higher risk of relapse. Vaping can produce a long lasting solution to tobacco harm.


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