Pull List Roundtable 11/16/2016 – Black Hammer, Harbinger Renegade #1, Ether #1, Batman #11 & More!

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John Babos

9 new books this week.

  • Batman #11 – Bane for Batman and his own Suicide Squad for Psycho Pirate. A pretty intriguing start to this arc.
  • Cyborg #5 – Waiting for Darkseid!
  • Green Arrow #11 – Enjoying this take on Green Arrow.
  • Green Lanterns #11 – This by far is my most anticipated book this week with the continuation of the Phantom Lantern arc. So good so far.
  • Nightwing #9 – An epilogue to the whole Raptor arc and the new status quo for Nightwing. Back to Bludhaven.
  • Squadron Supreme #13 – What is not to like about this James Robinson and Leonard Kirk collaboration?
  • Suicide Squad #6 – Everyone is insane except for Harley Quinn? Fascinating.
  • Superman #11 The Super Sons #1 prequel continues!
  • Trinity #3 – How is the White Mertcy different from the Black Mercy? We shall soon find out as the Trinity is in its clutches!

Matt Graham

  • Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer is a series about superheroes playing out a Midwest family life while isolated in rural America. Rather than wait for Marvel or DC to change or really rock the status quo after these tedious events, pick up this book that’s already twisting expectations and iconography.
  • Lady Killer 2 #3 – While I adore Josie and the Pussycats, another Josie has my heart this fall. The homicidal homemaker Josie Schuller balances life as an Americana housewife who moonlights as a hired killer. Or is it the other way around? Joelle Jones writes (with Jamie Rich) and draws this bloody black comedy that wouldn’t be out of place as an HBO show. You can buy it as a comic right now, though, including the first series, which is in trade. Don’t miss a panel of this book.
  • Reborn #2 – Early days, but sci-fi and fantasy are easy ways to bait me into giving a series a shot. Greg Capullo on art and the story coming from Mark Millar never hurts, either. Empress is about wrapping up (next week!), so another Millar sci-fi fantasy romp sates me just fine.  Bonnie has passed away at 80 years old only to find there is no heaven or hell. There is a fantastical dreamscape where she’s reborn as her 25 year old self to join people she knew in her past life in a war of good versus evil. Everyone except her husband, who she sets out to find.  Millar has talked about this being a proof of concept for Hollywood and is already working on the adaptation. May as well read it before it becomes cool.
  • All-New Wolverine #14 – Mark Millar’s Enemy of the State was one of the arcs that brought me back to Wolverine’s solo book a decade back, and while Marvel seems to be sequel and nostalgia heavy this year, EotS II is a follow-up I want. Laura Kinney, the new Wolverine, is the only character who could justify a retread of this kill-’em-all action romp.
  • Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #12 – I didn’t expect this book to last this long. I like it. I like Kate Leth’s take on Patsy. I like every ink stroke Brittney Williams sweeps on the page. Patsy Walker is one of my favourite characters. It just felt like Marvel would give this book 6 or 8 issues and it’d die. It did not, and it continues into the new year. This is awesome for me, and a great time for you to jump on in the early chapter of a new arc in Patsy’s war with Black Cat and her aspirations of crime lording.
  • Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 – Maybe? It’s about 7 bucks Canadian and aside from Wolverine and Gwenpool, the annuals have been pretty crap to me this year.

James Fulton

  • Dark Horse comics has been slowly building up an impressive lineup again in the wake of losing the Star Wars license. This week sees new issues of Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston (a group of superheroes have somehow become trapped in rural America and live a kind of sitcom family existence) and Brigg’s Land by Brian Wood (about a secessionist compound in upstate New York that has been taken over by the founder’s wife). These are great titles.
  • Captain America Sam Wilson #15 – I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment out of just how subversive and topical Nick Spencer has been with this book. How long until issues begin to represent the Trump Presidency? This is definitely a job for Sam-Cap, seeing as Steve-Cap is basically one of his foot soldiers now.
  • Ether #1 – I don’t know much about this title except that it’s being written by Matt Kindt – that’s enough for me.
  • Moonshine #2 – The first issue of this new Prohibition era story by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso was great. Looking forward to more.

Mike Maillaro

Kind of a dull week to be honest… Quite a few books that I read, but not a lot of new books or anything real exciting going on to talk about.

  • HARBINGER RENEGADE #1 – This is definitely the book I am most excited about this week. Harbinger has always been one of my favorite Valiant series. Not sure who will be appearing in this book, but I am really looking forward to reading it.
  • SPELL ON WHEELS #2 – Loved the first issue of this witches on a road trip series from Dark Horse. I am really hoping they will end up continuing it past the scheduled 5 issues.
  • KISS #2 – The first issue of this one was pretty ridiculous. I am curious where they plan on going with this one, but not sure I will be sticking around. Too many comics out there, and this one just doesn’t stand out all that much.
  • INVINCIBLE #131 – Still can’t believe this series is ending soon. Been a fan of Robert Kirkman’s since he did Marvel Comics Team-Up. Invincible is truly a masterpiece of superhero comics. That said, it’s always good for someone to get out while the work is still good. Still going to miss Invincible though. Hopefully Kirkman will be moving on to something else big.
  • NIGHTWING #9 – Last issue, we finally got Raptor’s back story. I liked the way they tied it in to Grayson’s family. I still would have liked if Raptor stayed more “heroic,” it just seemed like a copout to make him another villain in the end. But I still have enjoyed the character and this series, so I feel like I’m nit picking.
  • BATMAN #11 – Batman and his “suicide squad” taking on Bane. Surprised this story isn’t getting a lot more press or attention. I’ve really been enjoying it, especially the little teases about some kind of bad things that will be happening in the future. I get reminded of Stephen King when Tom King does that. It’s a great technique to build suspense.
  • Archie #14
  • Joyride #7
  • Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #2
  • Green Arrow #11
  • Green Lanterns #11
  • He-Man Thundercats #2
  • Raven #3 (Of 6)
  • Suicide Squad #6
  • Superman #11
  • Trinity #3
  • Star Trek Waypoint #2 (Of 6)
  • Uncle Scrooge #20
  • Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #735
  • Reborn #2
  • Spawn #267
  • All-New Wolverine #14
  • Amazing Spider-Man #21
  • Captain America Sam Wilson #15
  • Carnage #14
  • Doctor Strange #14
  • Infamous Iron Man #2
  • Jessica Jones #2
  • Old Man Logan #13

Phil Allen

  • Doctor Fate #18 – Final issue! This was one of the best series to come out of DC, post-Convergence, not to mention one of my favorites. Felt kind of like DC’s response to Ms. Marvel: young student takes up the mantle of a hero while being mentored by another, using their religion to guide their judgement. Personally, I liked Fate more. Hopefully he’ll be back, whether in his own series or making appearances in others.
  • Green Arrow #11 – I’ve recently come around on Ben Percy’s writing; I didn’t care much for his New 52 Green Arrow run, but this one is coming out a lot better. I look forward to see where this series is going, especially if Black Canary is sticking around.
  • Hadrian’s Wall #3 – Murder mystery in space! What more could you want? I’d argue this is some of Kyle Higgins’ best writing so far.
  • Justice League #9 – Bryan Hitch is doing great on this series, he’s really putting the team through the ringer. I hope he’ll be with Justice League for awhile.
  • Moonshine #2 – Issue #1 was great, classic Azzarello/Risso kick off. I foresee lots of violence.
    Reborn #2 – I was pleasantly surprised by the first issue, I’d say one of the best firsts I’ve read this year.
  • Superman #11 – Damian, we talked about this when Teen Titans came out: that’s not how you make friends! I’m glad to see Tomasi & Gleason writing Batman and Robin again
    The Comic Book History of Comics #1 – I’ve recently realized I’m becoming a history nerd, whether it’s comics or music, so this is a must-have for me this week.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Archie #14
  • Kill or Be Killed #4
  • Lady Killer 2 #3
  • Trinity #3


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