WWE Raw 11-14-16

The roster meets on the ramp so the real stars of the show – the authority figures, can take center stage. Stephanie tells the Raw roster that they can prove their superiority tonight. Matches are made, including our opener – featuring Owens and Reigns against Sheamus and Cesaro. Steph demands that everyone be friends, but Roman and Kevin aren’t about that life and bicker throughout. Roman spears Sheamus and tosses KO onto him after he gets KOed with a Brogue kick. Heck of a way to make KO look like a World Champ. Jericho tells Seth and Braun that he’ll unite them tonight. Jericho gets Team Unity scarves. Seth’s not a scarf guy and Braun isn’t either, and doesn’t like Jericho. Sami squashes Bo – establishing that Sami is better than someone on Raw.


The cruiserweights are all backstage looking like a bunch of goobers saying nothing of note. Kendrick rallies them, but Sin Cara doesn’t like him and they argue. Wonderful. New Day comes out with a cart full of merch and we get a WM hype video. New Day faces Seth, Braun, and Jericho. Braun gets a slick-looking chokelift from the mat into his reverse chokeslam on Kofi. Kofi dives onto him on the floor, but gets slammed. Braun gets the win with the running powerslam. Heyman meets with Steph and Mick about Brock. Charlotte and Sasha bicker.

Kendrick and Sin Cara face off in a fairly boring match. Kendrick gets the win with the Captain’s Hook. Enzo and Cass yammer with The Club for a bit. Brock comes out and then Goldberg follows while the ring is flanked by cronies. Goldberg tells Brock to get the rent a cops out of there so the only two REAL MEN IN THE RING CAN GET IT ON! Goldberg says he’ll rip Brock’s head off and feed it to Heyman. Goldberg takes his shirt off and looks outstanding for his age. Goldberg runs wild on the goons and Brock leaves. This was outstanding.


Sasha and Charlotte face Nia and Fox. Alicia taps to the Bank Statement after Foxy dives onto Charlotte and Sasha and it gets reversed. This was nothing. Mick meets with Team Raw to cheer them up. Enzo and Cass do their singalong promo before The Club comes down before we get Golden Truth and the Shining Stars joining the fray for an 8-man tag. Enzo and Cass don’t get along with The Club, but do win after a Magic Killer and a rocket launcher fakeout leads to Luke stealing the win. Cruiserweight hype video leads to Shane and Bryan coming out.

The authority figures all bicker before Team Raw and Team SD square down. Bray in an SD Live shirt is so weird. KO insults the WWE World Title, so AJ says that he’s stuck on Jericho’s sugar tit. Well, that was a great line – but them burying the other belts helps no one. Jericho adds AJ TO THE LIST! And AJ’s hair is on the list too! Ellsworth gets added, and gets an “Ellsworth!” chant! Jericho calling him ‘Chince McMahon’ was great. Everyone brawls and Roman and Seth hit the Shield powerbomb to AJ over the top onto Team SD. Great comedy to build up the PPV.


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