DC Comics Spoilers & Review: Superman #11 & Batman #11 w/ Suicide Squad’s Betrayal Plus The DC Rebirth Superboy / Robin Super Sons Prelude Continues!

DC Comics Spoilers and Review follow for Superman #11 and Batman #11.



DC Comics Spoilers and Review follow for Superman #11.

The prelude to Super Sons #1 continues as Batman and Superman want to test their sons and train them to be able to work together.

They first tangle with Nobody who explains the rules of the game/test/whathaveyou that the World’s Finest have for the World’s Finest. As they complete a portion of this exercise they get various items back like their capes, Robin’s electronic emblem, etc.


However, Robin lifts his Robin emblem off Nobody and she gives Superboy his coat zipper so he doesn’t freeze; Jon Kent is not as super as his dad Superman while Robin is not above cheating unlike his dad Batman.


This is a fun issue that gives us some amazing Super Sons team up moments like Robin commandeering a motorcycle for the pair…


…to the boys taming non-Man-Bat Goliath together…


…to more quiet moments where the boys appear to bond.


Robin and Superboy later enter the Batcave to see Superman and Batman trapped by…


…Clayface who they think is a villain, but he is a hero in Batman’s little league of misfits in the pages of Detective Comics. They boys works together and…


…get their capes and moniker of Super Sons.


However, they’re still boys and later in the issue they do still fights. So, what’s next for these boys? We’ll find out soon.



Another fun issue on story and art. Plus its interesting to contrast the relationship of the Super Sons to the one their dads have. 9 out of 10.

DC Comics Spoilers and Review follow for Batman #11.

Batman’s own Arkham Asylum based Suicide Squad has gone to Bane’s island to free the Psycho Pirate for two reasons: one to heal Gotham Girl and the second to turn him over to Amanda Waller.

Part of Batman’s plan is the Bronze Tiger pretending to offer Punch and Jewelee to Bane, however…



…Catwoman appears to actually betray the team?!



What is Catwoman’s offer for Bane?



I feel that Catwoman’s betrayal is either part of Batman’s plan because he asked her do it or he knows her well enough to anticipate her betrayal so he counted on it and it is part of his plan. I imagine we may find out next issue. In terms of this issue, the art is amazing and story is intriguing. Not as action-packed as I’d have expected, but that likely comes soon. A nice tonal change of pace. 8 out of 10.

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