TNA Impact Wrestling 11/27/26 Recap (Fatal 4 Way No. 1 Contenders Match, DCC Debut)


The show opens with a DCC video package before Eddie Edwards comes down. Eddie cuts a promo before the DCC talks about causing chaos. They come down with a theme and tron and Eddie Kingston is now just “Kingston”. They jump Eddie, but Jeff Hardy comes down and makes the save. Jessie Godderz comes down to face Aron Rex in a non-title match. A few fans boo him and then Jessie dominates on the mat while Josh plugs the Fight Network app. Rex clubs him on the mat while Pope says that Rex won it fairly, so he can do that, he just chooses not to. The Adonis Crab is locked on and he wins. This was really sloppy.

Maria’s mean girl crew lies to Allie about Braxton Sutter texting LVN. Sienna and LVN will face Brandi and a partner. Gail’s attack from last week is shown and she vacates the title backstage. Jeff and Eddie talk to the unseen “boss” and Aiden is a fan of a 2-on-3 DCC vs. Eddie/Jeff match. Allie is kicked out, so Madison teams with her and sadly lets Brandi take the match because she is dreadful running in slow motion with Maria. Brandi gets tossed around randomly before Madison kicks LVN sloppily and Brandi hits Stardust’s flatliner and wins. Sweet Jeebus was this dreadful.


Matt eats candy and deletes e-mails before Reby talks about how Matt wouldn’t have so much candy if he’d given the kids candy instead of green beans. Matt is disappointed in Jeff missing the ice cream social and continues to delete e-mails – including a “Young Bucks newsletter”. Bennett, Lee, Lashley, and EC3 are out for a four way to determine a number one contender. Lashley hits a slick German to EC3. Bennett hits a big lariat on EC3 for 2. EC3’s double One Percenter is avoided and Lashley spears EC3 and a deadlift German gets 2 for Lee on Bennett. Lee hits a jumping knee before Bennett hits a superkick and then eats a spinebuster by Lashley. Lashley goes to spear him, but Lee hits a Collision Course to get 2.5. Mushroom stomp hits Bennett and then he flip dives onto EC3 and Lashley – he’s been in the company for over a year now and finally gets a chance to shine. TK3 on the knee and the RNC gets the win to make EC3 the number one contender.

Matt is shown clips of Maxel’s party, Vanguard 1, mowing the lawn through Jeff’s designs and being guilt-stricken, and being shocked by his ability to play the violin. Also, burning his brother with fireworks and destroying property. Matt shows glimpses of his Broken self, but chalks it up to the change of seasons. This is outstanding! EC3 is shown winning before appearing on Eli’s talk show. Eli wants him to put his title shot on the line and says if he does it, he won’t challenge for the title for a year. EC3 declines that offer, but says he will put the shot on the line if Eli can’t talk for a year.


Crazzy Steve and Abyss creep around Jade. Jade stalks around the building looking for Rosemary. Basile Baraka comes out to face Shera. Yikes. Shera wins with a camel clutch before Dax attacks Shera – so why even bother doing a finish? Al Snow returns to make a save for Shera. Rosemary and Jade yammer for a bit. Next week’s show is run down, including EC3 vs. Eli. The DCC comes down in new ring gear before Jeff comes down with a new theme and a slick coat. Eddie suicide dives on the DCC before Jeff dives onto the pile from the top rope. Storm tosses Jeff into a chair and hits the Eye of the Storm for 2. Bram hits the impaler DDT off the apron through a table on Eddie. Last Call beats Jeff.


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