WWE Monday Night Raw 11/21/16 Recap (Seth vs. Owens Universal Title)

Goldberg’s shocking win over Brock is highlighted to start the show before he comes in a slick new Goldberg shirt and jacket. He thanks the fans, his son, and announces that he thinks he’s got one more title run in him – so he’s entering the Rumble! New Day bickers backstage with Sheamus and Cesaro. Kofi taps to the sharpshooter, but the ref is distracted and Kofi cradles him to win. Wow did everyone come off bad here. Jericho talks about who’s to blame for their loss.


Enzo is “nude” outside the Male Locker Room, with clear pink and yellow spots in the getup he’s wearing. The Shining Stars hype up the nudist resorts in PR before Titus tells him to put some pants on. Lana is gobsmacked at Enzo before Rusev asks him why he’s naked in front of his wife. Cass saves his buddy. Sami chats with Mick and Steph, and he’s put in a match against Braun by Steph for losing. Well, Mick came off as spineless here. Cedric and Daivari have a boring match that the crowd doesn’t care about, and he wins with the Lumbar Check.


Jericho and KO blame Roman for their loss, and Seth says that he wants a shot at the Universal Title. The heels gang up on him before Roman comes down to save Seth and gets booed in the process. Mick gives Seth a title shot tonight for being a part of Team Raw. Rusev squashes Enzo. The Club beats the Golden Truth with the Magic Killer. Not much to this beyond Goldust hitting a nice blind-diving crossbody block off the top. Braun beats up Sami Zayn to such a degree that he can’t continue – so Mick gives Braun the win. Shocked he wasn’t DQed for kicking too much ass.


Women’s match is recapped before Sasha comes out and gets bullied by Charlotte, Dana, and Nia. Bayley makes a save and they double suplex Nia. Charlotte taps to the Bank Statement. Swann, TJP, and Noam Dar go at in a three-way. Swann KOs TJP with a spinkick to face Kendrick next week on 205 Live. Enzo and Cass plug some merch before Owens faces Seth. There are no holds barred, but Jericho and Roman are banned from ringside. Seth backdrops him through two chairs to get 2. Seth avoids a superplex and hits a corner to table buckle bomb! They fight into the crowd and Seth dives off the balcony onto Owens. Jericho attacks Seth in a Sin Cara mask – ha! Seth pedigrees him, but eats an apron powerbomb and KO retains. Great match that should’ve been saved for a PPV.


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