Inside Pulse Wrestilng’s WWE SmackDown Live Rankings 11.23.16

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown Live Rankings by Inside Pulse Wrestling.

In these rankings we take the top 10 contenders for the WWE World Championship, and Top 5 for each the SmackDown Live Woman’s Championship, & SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship. In the rankings we take 3 major factors into account:

-Win/Loss over the past month
-Amount of TV Time dedicated to a particular character and/or storyline
-Logical storyline progression

A new ranking report will be released after the first SmackDown Live after a Pay-Per-View event.

WWE World Championship – AJ Styles (since 09.11.16)
1. Dean Ambrose
2. James Ellsworth
3. Bray Wyatt
4. Randy Orton
5. The Miz (Intercontinental Champion since 11.15.16)
6. Dolph Ziggler
7. Baron Corbin
8. Kalisto
9. Kane
10. Luke Harper

Dean Ambrose is set for the WWE Championship match at TLC, but due to his win tonight, Ellsworth is guaranteed a future title shot, and will hold strong in one of the top few spots until he gets it! Wyatt & Orton come in high after being the survivors in the Raw vs. SmackDown Live Survivor Series match. With the Miz & Ziggler and Corbin & Kalisto matches set for TLC, we should see some shake-up after the PPV Event.

WWE SmackDown Live Woman’s Championship – Becky Lynch (since 09.11.16)
1. Alexa Bliss
2. Natalya
3. Nikki Bella
4. Naomi
5. Carmella

Shane McMahon declared Bliss as the #1 contender, and a match is scheduled for TLC. The rest of the division is up in the air, but the rest of the rankings are filled out by the Survivor Series team.

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship – Rhyno & Heath Slater (since 09.11.16)
1. American Alpha
2. Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton
3. Breezango
4. The Hype Bros.
5. The Uso’s

American Alpha won the #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil, but it looks like they will still have to go through The Wyatt Family to get their Tag Title shot. The Hype Bros & Breezango each break into the rankings due to scoring pinfalls in the Tag Turmoil Match, and The Uso’s round it out due to be the last team eliminated at Survivor Series.

Look for the next SmackDown Live Ranking the Wednesday after TLC, and check back tomorrow for the first NXT Rankings!

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