Join Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest

Mark Hamill is pop culture. Think of the thousands of toys that have his face thanks to being Luke Skywalker in Star Wars and the voice of the Joker on various animated Batman series. Turns out Mark enjoys collecting various pop culture items thus he’s a natural host for a series about objects that connect fans to movies and TV shows. Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest is a YouTube based show that has him show off what interests him and items he wants to get. Making it even cooler is that his sidekick is a rabbit puppet who will be a hit at comic conventions.

If you need a reason to take a break this holiday season or get a gift idea, we’ve embedded the first two episodes so you don’t have to go searching.

The pilot has Mark visiting D.C. Comics which is natural since he’s the Joker.

The second episode has Mark track down various Godzilla items:

I do hope there’s a future episode where Mark reunites with the car from Corvette Summer.

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