WWE 205 Live 11/29/16 Recap (Kendrick vs. Swann Cruiserweight Title)

We start off with CWC clips. Ah the salad days of the cruiserweights…two months ago. Aries, Corey, and Mauro are the commentary team here. Corey pointed out the winning streak…Kendrick’s retaining. The roster gets an intro. Everyone keeping their indy gimmicks here sure exposes how…indyriffic some of them are. TOZAWA IS HERE!

We get a profile video on the Bollywood Boyz. Speaking of Indyriffic. They talk about their grandfather being blind and loving just hearing their entrance. I have ZERO recollection of the Bollywood Boyz doing anything in these CWC clips. Generic Indian music plays them in to no crowd reaction. Jesus. Even the Shera Shuffle got a bigger reaction than this. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese get no intro, well, that’s a bad omen for them.

“Which one is this? Herp or Derp?” Aries is amusing. Bollywood Boyz come off like the Bollywood mockbuster version of the Young Bucks. They proceed to do some flippy-dos and then we get a long, extended chinlock. Exciting cruiserweight action! Then Gulak gets shoved into Nese’s arm to force him to DDT his partner. Bollywood Boyz win with a superkick party. Nese and Gulak talk to generic interview brunette and insult the Boyz.

Dar does a fine inset promo talking about how he’s been underestimated and he was in the CWC to prove himself. He says that he will bring coolness to the division and he’s a cool cat. Can’t wait to hear Cole talk about how cool he is! Tom interviews Kendrick, who says that Rich is so new that his number isn’t even on the wheel. TJP says that Brian owes him a rematch and how he’ll hunt him down if he wins – but he wants him to win so he can remain in the title picture. Gran Metalik highlight reel.

Ariya Daivari comes out to a pretty slick theme – almost Bond-ish. Gallagher gets a gentlemanly theme. WE GET A HANDSHAKE! Aries talks about knowing the Daivari brothers and says their their silver spoon was platinum-plated. That reminds me – Daivari was in LU and just disappeared. Gallagher outwrestles him and then twirls his moustache! A long chinlock shockingly doesn’t kill the crowd as Gallagher is already over and does a walking handstand to escape. Gallagher gets a variety of wacky headstands in the corner. HE TIES HIM INTO A KNOT AND KICKS HIM IN THE BUTT! Love that spot. Mauro says “wrestler” and quickly corrects himself to say “sports entertainer!” Roaring elbow hits, but Gallagher lands the corner dropkick to win. The crowd is actually alive for this – which is fantastic for Gallagher.

We get a Lince Dorado video package, including some WWNLive footage – which is a tad surprising in the FloSports era. Kendrick’s tron setup looks fantastic with the new stage setup – really make him seem like a big star. I would buy a Kendrick replica flag. Swann says that at 25, he looks in the mirror and sees a man who has seen a lot of heartbreak. He lost both parents by 16. A minute in and Swann HAS TO WIN THIS THING TONIGHT. They are making him into such a star. Swann’s theme gets the crowd moving too – this is amazing. They CAN get the cruisers over – they just chose not to.

Swann is now “The Outlandish” Rich Swann. Well that is just dreadful. My money’s on the guy in the pink and black. Kendrick eats a dropkick and lands a corner forearm and then several more in the corner. Tiger driver by Swann. Mauro talks about Swann being influenced by Eddie and Rey, leading to this exchange. Aries – “The third would be myself, the Greatest Man That Ever Lived.”
Corey – “Ya gotta stop forgetting that stuff, Mauro.”
Mauro – “My bad”

BACKDROP DRIVER BY SWANN. Yowza! I just noticed the purple WWE logo on the buckle…boy is that ugly with the red. They fight and Swann punches him into a triangle dropkick position, but he eats a neckbreaker on the top rope. He comes in at 9.5. A Kendrick snap suplex gets 2. Why would Kendrick do a suplex after DAMAGING HIS NECK? Swann avoids the captain’s hook, so Kendrick gets a straightjacket clutch. Modified Michinoku driver gets 2 for Swann. Spinning back kick hits! Standing 450 is met with knees and a cradle gets 2, while the Captain’s Hook is locked on! SWANN GETS TO THE ROPES!


They fight up top, but KENDRICK HITS A SUPER SLICED BREAD and lands on his own shoulder – this only gets 2.5! SWANN HITS THREE SPINKICKS AND WINS IT…And yeah, “the outlandish” moniker needs to go. Swann gets a “you deserve it” and says that this is for all the fans before thanking his mother. Just imagine if they’d done this on Raw by doing 100% this exact same thing. They’d have made a star in the division instantly. Kendrick whines a bit and blames TJP.

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