WWE Raw 11/28/16 Recap (Sasha vs. Charlotte Women’s Title)

A recap of last week’s stellar main event starts us off. Jericho’s highlight reel features THE LONGEST-REIGNING UNIVERSAL CHAMPION IN HISTORY, Kevin Owens. They mock Seth and then Roman comes down to defend his little buddy. Roman wants a match with Owens and KO grants his request. Braun beats up Golden Truth before Sami comes down and brawls with him. Mick comes down and stops it. Sami cuts a great promo on how Mick has basically gone soft. Charlotte and Dana chat for a bit. Cedric is out to face Tony Nese. They have a perfectly okay little match that Tony wins thanks to a pumphandle powerbomb after a Gulak distraction. Enzo and Cass shill merch.


Jericho says that if KO doesn’t need him, he doesn’t need KO. Jericho goes to leave, but gets beaten up by Seth. Jericho is too old to be doing car-related stunts, but he took a Pedigree here on a car. Sasha vs. Charlotte is up and they fight to the floor for a double countout. Mick makes it a falls count anywhere match later. Rusev-Enzo bit from last week is recapped while Cass talks about Thanksgiving dinner. Rusev demolishes Enzo. Swann boogies backstage to face Noam Dar. Mark Henry is interviewed by someone about being a movie star now thanks to a WWE Film. Titus argues with him about taking the role in this nothing film from him. Swann KOs Dar with the spinkick to get a pop – a rarity for this division.


Cesaro and Sheamus go to a pub, brawl, and become allies. Owens vs. Reigns is up. Reigns is taken to chinlock city for quite some time. KO eats a spear and Roman gets a future title shot. Their previously-announced Roadblock match is now officially announced on Raw. Heyman chats with Cole and looks like he hasn’t slept – fitting into the story of him worrying about Brock and him now having broken ribs. Lesnar will be in the Rumble match with Goldberg. The New Day uses the tights to beat The Club, “turnabout is fair play! says Cole. Heaven forbid babyfaces hold themselves to a higher standard than the heels.

Charlotte vs. Sasha is in the main event slot. They do some matwork to start before going on the floor. Charlotte lands a neckbreaker after avoiding a suplex. They fight on the ramp and Charlotte basically misses a moonsault off the announce table for 2. Sasha backdrops her on the floor, and Charlotte basically lands on her tailbone. Sasha hits the shotgun knees off the barricade for 2. Sasha locks her in a Bank statement in a guardrail in the crowd to win the title again – hopefully she can get a successful title defense in this time.


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