Break The Walls Down: 10 Superstars Who Could Compete On 205 Live


10 Superstars Who Could Compete On 205 Live

205 Live has arrived. After the success of the Cruiserweight Classic, WWE have failed miserably to integrate the division on the main roster. The lack of investment in storylines and character development which was so necessary in promoting a whole host of talent unknown to the Raw audience has led to a blatant and unveiled attempt at righting their wrongs. The first episode of 205 Live thankfully gave us some initial background and depth to newer performers, and hopefully this will continue and help establish new stars. Regardless of the successes or failings of the division as a whole so far, it seems odd to actively distinguish a weight class in this modern era. The days of WWE favouring only the biggest guys are dwindling in favour of all round performers. Commentary repeatedly tell us that Cedric Alexander dropped 20 pounds to make the weight, which means that anyone up to 225 pounds could potentially join the Cruiserweight roster. So who on the main roster, other than Kalisto who inexplicably had a title match at Survivor Series, could feasibly pursue the shiny purple belt?

Finn Balor – 190 pounds
The Demon is, by very definition, a Cruiserweight. The painted Irishman is likely lighter than half the division, and yet he’s been NXT Champion and became the very first Universal Champion. That’s no mean feat. No one highlights WWE’s change in size attitudes more than Balor, and although he’ll return to the top of the card when his untimely injury subsides, it would be a fascinating swerve to see him go after the Cruiserweight Title, even if only to put more eyes on 205 Live.

Tyler Breeze – 212 pounds
Poor, poor Tyler. It was always a worry that his pantomimic character wouldn’t translate to the main roster, and despite a union with pop magnet Summer Rae (obvious joke), he’s barely featured in a role other than “fashion police”. In NXT, Prince Pretty established himself as a consistent and impressive worker, and maybe 205 Live would be a welcome vehicle for his talents if he continues to be underused on the main roster.

Neville – 194 pounds
Where in the blue hell is the diminutive Geordie? WWE are thin on the ground after the brand split, and they’ve entirely ignored one of the best workers in the company. Terrible ring name aside, The Man That Gravity Forgot can get a solid match out of pretty much anyone. Effortlessly entertaining between the ropes, his skill set matches that of many of the Cruiserweights, and had he made it to WWE a few years later than he did, it seems certain he would’ve been included in the revamped division. As it stands, he’s been aimless for some time, so if he doesn’t go after a mid range title soon, or at least get a modicum of camera time, thrusting him onto the Cruiserweight roster wouldn’t be an entirely surprising move.

Chad Gable – 202 pounds
The former Olympian is currently a part of a tag team with the potential to become all time greats. It’s early days for American Alpha, but they’ve been used strangely so far in the tag team division on Smackdown. If Gable was ever to split from partner Jason Jordan, he could add legitimacy to a division seen by some as pointlessly flippy. His grappling and floor work are exemplary, as an Olympic wrestler’s grappling and floor work should be, and we currently have a Cruiserweight champion who dances around and flies like a hummingbird. It’d be easy, not to mention compelling, to turn Gable heel and have him claim that all these high fliers make a mockery of his sport. The IWC would cream itself over a fighting, heel Gable. Surely?

James Ellsworth – Unknown
I couldn’t for the life of me find a decent source on Ellsworth’s weight. Unless he’s hiding obscene amounts of lead in any unseen orifices, you can tell the ultimate jobber is under 200 pounds just by looking at him. The lack of chin, and more importantly, muscle, give him a similar build to Gillberg, and if he were to enter the Cruiserweight division, you never know, he might actually have the opportunity to win a match of his own accord.

Karl Anderson – 215 pounds
The Club could’ve been a pair of glorious monsters. Instead they’ve been relegated to pseudo comedy and taken heavier losses than Clinton. If their current trajectory remains the same, then there’d be more worth in Anderson dropping a few pounds and beating the hell out of Lince Dorado, Noam Dar, Ho Ho Lin et al. Other than Kendrick, the Cruiserweight Division doesn’t have a stand out heel, so Anderson could fill that void if WWE don’t allow the underrated Tony Nese to develop into that role.

Enzo Amore – 200 pounds
Enzo Amore’s weight is predominantly made up by his mouth, which hits the scales at allegedly well over 50 pounds. Having solidified himself as a Raw mainstay alongside his partner, who would no way ever make this list without serious surgery, Jersey’s Finest could in theory fight between the purple ropes. His mic work and popularity are obviously too valuable to Raw, but that in itself suggests an intrinsic issue with 205 Live. Is it a bit of an afterthought?

Sami Zayn – 212 pounds
Just 7 pounds off the weight limit, Sami Zayn would only need to make one lengthy trip to the bathroom to make the cut. The Underdog From The Underground is earmarked for bigger things, and if we don’t get an eventual Wrestlemania title match against Kevin Owens at some point in the future, then WWE have not only dropped the ball, they’ve lost it in next door’s yard. Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon seem so upset at Zayn for losing his Intercontinental Title match, why not throw him into a Cruiserweight Title match? Oh, because he’d probably lose that too and be lambasted further. I really, really hope there’s a bigger picture here.

Seth Rollins – 217 pounds
It’ll never, ever happen, but Rollins has the ability to drop down a weight. It’s incredible to think that one of WWE’s top stars from the last year or two is of a Cruiserweight level, but as with Balor, it’s testament to WWE’s change in thinking. His lighter stature in no way damages his credibility as a fighter, proving that you can be at the top of the card without pushing 300 pounds.

AJ Styles – 218 pounds
The WWE World Heavyweight Champion would need to drop less weight than Cedric Alexander to compete in the Cruiserweight division. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He could feud with Seth Rollins over the title. That’s insane. Granted, Styles is nearly 40 so he’d have to kill himself to lose that kind of weight, but still. It’s food for thought.

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