TNA Impact Wrestling 12/1/16 Recap (Rosemary vs. Jade in a Cage)

The show begins with a recap of Broken Matt’s amnesia before Aron Rex comes out to defend his Grand Championship against Moose. Rex cuts a promo saying no – he wants Grado. Moose comes out wearing an original Impact Wrestling logo shirt – the one with the font that ripped off Deep Impact. Rex goes for the knockout shot, but Moose ducks and hits the discus lariat tow win it. JB chats for a second with Moose, while Rex is dejected and leaves. Jeff Hardy says he isn’t sure which Matt we’ll see – but they’ll defend the titles tonight.


DCC comes out and we get a ridiculous mid-ring promo with them in their masks, so you can see who they are, but they still have the voice modulator effect. Jeff eats a beating, but Broken Matt returns to make a save and says DCC stands for Deletion Coming Cowards. Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, and DJZ come out for the triple threat match for the X Title. Sutter is moving in slow motion compared to DJZ and Mandrews, and is a horrible fit for the division. They go for some weird RKO/DDT combo on one another that kind of fails. Mandrews hits a stunner off a wheelbarrow move by Sutter. Gorgous SSP by Mandrews, but DJZ cradles him to win. Well, no one really shined there.

Mandrews jumps DJZ and Sutter tells him to come to his senses with some dreadful acting. LVN accuses Allie of trying to hit her with a pie last week and Josh hypes up the tag title and knockouts title matches tonight. Maria and LVN bark orders at Allie before Allie is called a bitch by Maria and slaps her. One guy cheers before a Yes chant breaks out. LVN jumps Allie and we get a video from Rosemary about beating Gail’s chosen successor.


DCC comes out to face the DCC’s Kingston and Bram. Kingston’s gear is so unflattering. Josh hypes up the holiday sale on ShopTNA before a double suplex hits Kingston. Kingston has part of a chest protector on his gear and it looks horrible. He is also far too animated to be playing this super-serious character. Jeff hits a twisto stunner before a Matt Twist of Fate gets the win. Gail’s HOF speech is recapped. EC3 talks to Eli, who can’t respond. Al Snow says that he brought the Tribunal into TNA, and he’ll take them out in a strap match.


EC3 and Eddie have a friendly chat about the World Title. EC3 says he’ll kill ’em all and let God sort things out before he faces Eddie for the title next week. Gail comes down and hands the title over before Rosemary comes out and then Jade comes out next. Madison is on commentary for just the knockouts matches, which is weird. Jade and Rosemary brawl outside before coming in and using a trash can. A gutwrench suplex gets 2 for Jade. Jade eats an exploder into the cage.


She sets up the coast to coast, but Jade tosses the can at her. Jade hits a super rana, but eats a German suplex. Jade goes up top and flies off the top of the cage with a crossbody block. That is completely insane to be doing at this point in TNA’s history. This crazy spot doesn’t even get the pin. Jade goes up for a 450, but the yellow mist hits and an F5 called the Red Wedding gets the win. Well, she’s been one of the best homegrown acts of 2016 for TNA – so this was good to see for Rosemary, but this wasn’t much of a match.


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