WWE Raw 12/5/16 (Jericho vs. Reigns US Title)

We get a recap of the Seth/Jericho/Owens saga and Seth comes out and recaps his attack on Jericho. Apparently, the pedigree on the car was just a message to HHH. Owens says he gave Chris three gifts after that beating, and Owens says that he won’t give Seth a title shot – but he will have to face Sami tonight as per Mick. One of Chris’s gifts was a match against Roman tonight – while Seth will face the returning Big Show. Show and his giant beard come down while Cole puts over his weight loss. Seth hits a flying knee and Show gets tired of KO’s BS and chokeslams him outside-in – leaving him open to a Seth Pedigree.


Gallagher cuts a promo about losing in the CWC and managing to stand out by just being himself. Gallagher beats Daivari hitting a headbutt, sending each man into opposite corner so the corner dropkick can get the win. Daivari attacks the knee after the match. Titus hands out The Tussle in Texas posters with himself facing Mark Henry. KO talks to Jericho about all the matches he set up for him, but Jericho won’t hear any of it. Rusev and Lana bicker with Enzo and Cass, resulting in Lana reluctantly leaving with Rusev. Sami comes out to face Owens in one of Sami’s biggest matches in quite some time. They have every house show match they’ve ever had, with KO getting the cannonball and Sami getting 2 off the blue thunder bomb. A powerbomb out of nowhere gives Owens the win.

Roman mocks Jericho backstage before we get a recap of the Sasha-Charlotte match from last week. Sasha exposits poorly about Ric being on her side now. We get a recap of Swann beating Kendrick on 205 before facing TJP tonight. They have the most cruiserweight-style match we’ve seen on Raw in quite some time, but TJP flies into a spinkick and is beaten.  Bayley and Alicia have a nothing match that Bayley wins with the belly to Bayley. Cass and Rusev argue backstage, and Rusev wants a match with Cass tonight.


Emmalina re-re-debuts next week. The Tussle in Texas gets its own graphic, a tale of the tape, and ends with a World’s Strongest Slam. I like seeing Henry getting wins again – he could be fun as a mid-card US Champion at some point. Ric and Enzo meet up backstage and Flair says that Enzo could be like him one day. Jericho and Roman have a fine little match. It’s nothing but them doing their moves – only with a bit of an issue due to Owens distracting Jericho and causing him to eat a spear to lose.

At the hotel, Lana seduces Enzo. It’s all a ruse so that Rusev can beat him up.The Club faces Sheamus and Cesaro in a death slot tag match. Karl has new long tights and everything just breaks down into chaos when New Day comes down and interferes. Charlotte comes out for the iron man match signing against Sasha at Road Block. Charlotte says that no one knows what it’s like to be Ric Flair’s daughter and she always has to wonder if she’s good enough. Ric comes down to console her and gets slapped and called a son of a bitch. Charlotte says that Sasha has no right to dedicate a win to Ric…well…he could her dad too! Charlotte takes out Sasha and mocks Ric. Solid stuff, but none of it really clicked into place.


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