TNA Impact Wrestling 12/8/16 Recap (EC3 vs. Edwards for the Title)

We get a recap of EC3’s rise to number one contender over the past few weeks. Moose comes down with the Impact Grand Title around his waist – and it doesn’t look to awful on him. Drew comes down and says that he is made for these rules and he wants to burn this bitch to the ground with Moose. Rex comes down and says that he would come down and shake Drew’s hand, but he doesn’t want to hurt him again. Rex says that he was jumped and questions if three seconds is really enough to determine the winner of a match. He threatens the fans for mocking him and says he will sue them for Rexual harassment – now that was a great line.


Rex gets his rematch and Rex dominates three boring minutes of round one. Rex dominates round two and amps things up a bit – even getting a jumping kneedrop and a two count. Game Changer hits 30 seconds in round three for the win. Eddie talks about the world title for a bit before we see Drew say he’s still the captain of TNA. Mandrews’ heel turn is shown before he faces Aiden O’Shea. Andrews hits a springboard seated senton and wins with the SSP. Jessie and Tyrus slap hands and Josh shills Tyrus being on Fox News. We get a recap of the budding Shera and Snow tag team as they come out for a double strap match against The Tribunal. Boy is this bad. The faces win after several, and yet still far too many, minutes of strap-based action.

We see Matt Hardy’s dreams of his prior wacky matches. EC3 talks about the title match before Matt and the family come out. Matt says that Maxel will debut in the ring next week. He invites the greatest teams of time and space to face the Broken Hardys at the compound for Total Nonstop Deletion! The Helms Dynasty and Decay seemingly accept before Helms eats a Twist. The DCC says some stuff.


LVN and Maria’s saga with Allie is shown before Allie says that she can wrestle now – she’s been training with Braxton. Allie does a snap suplex and plays the rookie perfectly. Braxton and Bennett brawl to the back before Allie beats her with a reverse DDT seemingly called “I’M ALLIE!” We get some clips of Total Nonstop Deletion – including Eddie diving off the Hardy house onto Lashley.

EC3 and Eddie have a fairly good little match for the title. It’s nothing too amazing, but ends with a solid finish as EC3 taps out Edwards – but Eddie taps right after EC3’s shoulders are pinned to the mat during the RNC. More clips of Total Nonstop Deletion air, and that looks like a lot of fun – if a bit crazy even by the standards of what the Hardys have done so far.


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