Inhumans Vs. X-Men Spoilers: IVX #1 Sets Stage For Death Of X-Men As Per IVX #0 Marvel Now 2016 & Resurrxion Revelations?

Spoilers follow.

It looks like the Death of X road through Inhumans vs. X-Men and then ResurrXion will work to simplify the convoluted X-Men history and purge some visually indistinct doppelgangers from Marvel Now 2016 / Marvel Now 2017.

(A) The Original X-Men as grown adults.


  • Original Jean Grey (Marvel Girl)- Dead
  • Original Scott Summers (Cyclops) – Dead
  • Original Bobby Drake (Iceman) – MIA?
  • Original Warren Worthington (Archangel) – Anti-hero or evil blue Archangel
  • Original Hank McCoy dying – Blue furred beast and seemingly dying from Terrigen Mists

It is interesting that, for now, the visually unique doppelgangers of the original X-Men remain alive.

(B) The Original X-Men as time-displaced teenagers.


  • Time-displaced and young Jean Grey (No code name, just Jean Grey)- Anchoring own Jean Grey #1 and leading X-Men: Blue
  • Time-displaced and young Scott Summers (Cyclops) – No solo book, but has large role in Champions and X-Men: Blue
  • Time-displaced and young Bobby Drake (Iceman [not called Snowman despite his powers at this stage]) – Anchoring own Iceman #1 and part of X-Men: Blue
  • Time-displaced and young Warren Worthington (Archangel) – Human-looking and part of X-Men: Blue
  • Time-displaced and young Hank McCoy (Beast)- Human-looking and part of X-Men: Blue

Inhumans vs. X-Men #0 / IVX #0 spoilers follows.

It appears that the original Hank McCoy furry blue Beast is dying from Terrigen Mist and doesn’t have much time to live.


That is why Emma Frost is working to hatch her scheme…


…after making the original older Cyclops a martyr in Death of X despite his ignominious actual death due to the Terrigen mists; the mists that give Inhumans their abilities that now is fatal to some mutants.


So, will the original adult blue furry Beast die to allow the younger human-looking Beast to remain as Marvel’s core Beast? And, whatever happened to that other Beast doppelganger, the Dark Beast from Age of Apocalypse, that survived and was part of the main Marvel 616 Earth?

Well, the original Beast seems visually dissimilar enough from his younger self, as is the adult Archangel to his younger Angel self, that they can all survive creatively I think through to end of Resurrxion. However, we’ll see as IVX rolls out and Inhumans vs. X-Men #1 / IVX #1 hits stands this week.

The question remains around the older adult Bobby Drake aka Iceman. I don’t know where he is currently (drop me a line if you do), but he too is visually dissimilar somewhat from his younger self (Iceman vs Snowman in a fashion). However, with both coming out as gay, I imagine he’ll stick around to mentor his younger self.

So, will the adult Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington survive through the end of Ressurxion to allow their young selves to rule Marvel’s X-Men roost? Or will they fade into background players for the same reason? Looks like IVX may answer that on the road to and through Resurrxion.

Inhumans vs. X-Men #1 (IVX #1) will be in your hands soon!

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