WWE Raw 12/12/16 Recap – Raw Tag Title Triple Threat

New Day vs. The Club vs. Sheamus and Cesaro starts things off. New Day almost loses the gold thanks to Sheamus eating a boot of doom. Hart Attack brogue hits but Kofi hits the kick and New Day retains. New Day officially breaks the record…although I think they’re off by a few days. Rollins will host The Rollins Report tonight – which is just a talk show. DX hype for the Network. New Day celebrates the win and everything becomes all about Stephanie – who gets champagne in her eye and storms out. She berates a PA and KO says that was all disgusting. Braun beats Axel, who is back in tights and lost to Vader’s reverse powerbomb.


Mick and Sami argue about Sami facing Braun, and wow has Mick lost a ton of weight. Daivari faces Dorado and takes his head off with a lariat before Jack Gallagher comes down and says that as a gentleman, he will be interfering in this match because Daivari is a scoundrel. Scoundrel gets over instantly as a chant. They will face off on 205 Live. Seth and KO yammer back and forth for quite a while. KO brings Jericho out to bring the band back together to win the tag titles and ruin New Day’s chances at beating the record…didn’t they say they did that earlier? They double team Seth, but Roman makes the save.


Recap of TJP accidentally superkicking Swann on 205 before a robotic woman talks about Swann defending against both TJP and Kendrick at Roadblock. Kendrick and TJP have a fairly boring, average match that Kendrick wins by outsmarting TJP and winning with Sliced Bread. Mick makes New Day vs. JeriKO vs. Roman and Seth tonight. A Charlotte vs. Sasha video package says that their rivalry will end on Sunday. Bayley squashes Alicia in a match that basically serves as an ad for the WWE Network, which they plug throughout it.

Rusev and Lana mock Enzo, but Cass brawls with him. Cass sends him running, and KO and Jericho bicker backstage. Sami squashes Jinder Mahal and Mick comes out and says that Sami is being traded to SD for Eva Marie. Sami says he’s worth 1,000 Eva Maries and cuts a passionate promo about Mick and Braun and DEMANDS a match.  Mick tells him that there was never trade – and he wouldn’t trade Sami to SD for anyone. He believes in him and wanted to fire him up. The triple threat tag is a backdrop for the JeriKO stuff – New Day wins thanks to a fluke again when Seth hits a pedigree and E holds Seth back to let Woods win. Jericho leaves and Roman holds both belts high.


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