Blu-ray Review: 2016 World Series Champions Collector’s Edition: Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cub fans are going to be rolling in World Series Champions stuff this Christmas. They’re going to be unwrapping t-shirts, game jerseys, hats, ornaments, coffeecups, tumblers, specially painted cars and tons of teddy bears. Bob Newhart will be getting a gold plated W flag. But what about getting a Blu-ray of 2016 World Series Champions Collector’s Edition: Chicago Cubs boxet that has all 7 games along with the final game of the National League Championship Series? Wouldn’t you want that on the shelf?

A lot of fans are going to feel no need to purchase the games on Blu-ray because they have them all on their DVR. As an expert in the world of DVRs, I can assure you that your DVR will die. Those electronic marvels sometimes have the lifespan of a goldfish won at the state fair. People call their cable companies at two in the morning crying about how they lost so many precious memories when the rented electronic device transforms into a doorstopper. Or worse when the harddrive decides to just wipe itself one afternoon. Ever stare at a DVR list and notice that all the programs have running times of 0:00? It happens a lot. Or let’s just say you get sick of your cable or satellite provider. You rent the DVR and the company wants it back because they don’t sell them. Even if you can copy it off, how many hours is that going to take you? So are you still dreaming that your ability to sit back, press the DVR button on your remote and watch the Cubs pull out the miracle comeback when pitchers and catchers report? Or would you rather have the security of the Blu-ray boxset on a sacred spot in your living room?

Each game is on a separate disc so you can pick the ones you really want to watch. Although during the next big blizzard this winter, you can sit back and marathon the entire World Series. The video is Fox’s coverage of the game. But you don’t have to listen to the Fox announcers. You have the option to hear the Spanish announcing team. More importantly for fans is their home radio teams are included. Cubs fan can get an elated earful from Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer. The Blu-ray 2016 World Series Champions Collector’s Edition: Chicago Cubs boxset is the gift that reminds you how much went into this victory besides putting on a champions t-shirt.

The videos is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The resolution brings out the details of the game. You can see John Cusack elation while sitting near Theo Epstein during Game 7. The audio is DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 so you get all the sounds of the park with the announcers front and center. The extra audio tracks include the Spanish, Indians and Cubs announcers. There’s also subtitles for people who don’t want to hear anyone.

Booklet contains the box scores of all the games in the boxset.

Shout! Factory presents 2016 World Series Champions Collector’s Edition: Chicago Cubs. Starring: Bill Murray, John Cusack Theo Epstein and Jon Lester. Boxset Contents: 8 gameses on 8 Blu-ray discs. Released: December 13, 2016.

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