DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Does Death Of Hawkman #3 Bring Adam Strange & Hawkman Closer Or Farther Apart?


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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Death Of Hawkman #2 follow.


In Issue No. 2, Adam has finally returned to Rann, only to find it at war
with Thanagar. His wife Alanna’s father has been killed in a suicide bombing
by Thanagarians and she is out for revenge. Strange discovers that someone
has been tampering with the Zeta beam and appears to have some idea of
who is behind it. Meanwhile, Hawkman (Katar Hol) is having trouble adjusting
to life on Thanagar. He is at odds with the chief over of the police force for
his violent methods and we see him getting wasted in a bar after work and
picking up a woman for the night. Not the ideal situation and he is wishing he
could return to the life of a hero on Earth. Strange uses the Zeta Beam to
find Hawkman and enlist his help, suddenly appearing before a naked Katar,
ending Issue No.2 on a rather awkward note.

And now on to Issue No. 3!

Rating system: Ratings are out of Five Maces; that’s the most you can get!
The Team: Marc Andreyko (writer), Aaron Lopresti (penciller), John Livesay
(inker), Blond (colorist), Dave Sharpe (letterer), Rodney Bushemi (artist),
Aaron Lopresti (cover art)

The Main Cover

Aaron Lopresti continues to come up with great covers for the series.
The cover sends Hawkman and Adam Strange in battle, fighting other
Thanagarians. Hawkman has a very impressive mace, which lately has been
reminding me of Negan’s Lucille from The Walking Dead. Not sure if that is a
good thing or not. Hawkman’s trademark savagery is in full force and
Lopresti does well with it. Just look at his eyes.

4 out of 5 Maces

The Art

Lopresti continues to impress with his clear style, with John Livesay and
Blond backing it up well. His Alanna is beautiful and I hope we get to see her
even more as the story progresses. It is also impressive how Lopresti has
taken the time to make Hawkman so hairy panel after panel. This alone is
worth adding an extra mace to the grade. Adam Strange’s costume is still a
bit of a distraction. As mentioned before, Lopresti’s style is perfect for a
comic book. However, the scenes of Thanagar look too similar to Earth. With
Earth, Rann, and Thanagar all in the story, it would be more interesting if
there were distinct differences so we know where we’re at. In this issue,
Thanagar didn’t look all that different from Earth.

4 out of 5 Maces

The Story

Thanagar Now. The story picks up with the two heroes fighting to
escape. We’re still not sure how Hawkman and Strange have ended up in this
situation. Hawkman kills without any qualms whatsoever while Strange is
queasy and traumatized by the whole thing. With Hawkman, it is kill or be
killed, while Strange is still wondering if there isn’t a better way. Hawkman is
full of confidence, just concentrating on getting out alive, while Strange is
doubting his worth as a hero.

Thanagar Then. We’re back to where Issue No. 2 left o9, with Adam Strange
Zeta-beaming right in front of a naked Hawkman. Strange is all flustered by
the situation, while Hawkman doesn’t even seem to realize that he is still
naked. The one-night stand comes out of the bedroom, tells them to have a
good time and takes on. Three whole pages of talking goes on before
Strange asks Hawkman to put some clothes on. Oh, to be that confident of
our masculinity.

Rann Then. Alanna’s loyalty to Rann is being questioned by the Rannian
council because Strange went to Thanagar. She tries to contact him but he
doesn’t answer. She believes in him but also tells the council that if he does
betray Rann, she will execute him herself. Do not mess with this woman.
Thanagar Then. Hawkman doubts Strange’s story of Thanagar attacking
Rann. Then Strange shows him the image he saw in the Zeta Beam and
Hawkman recognizes it right on; Despero. They decide to contact the League
and Cyborg discovers that Despero has escaped from his Belle Reve
Supermax cell in St. Roch. Meanwhile, Hawkman’s one-night stand sees
Strange’s wanted picture on the news and notifies the Thanagarian police.

Not sure how or why the Thanagarians knew to look for Strange but
whatever. They are discussing the situation with Cyborg when suddenly the
Thanagarian police are outside, telling them to come out and surrender.
Hawkman seems happy as he sprouts his wings and grabs his mace. They
bust out and are now on the run.

Kalador Then: Despero is back on his home planet and kills all of what I
assume is the ruling council and takes over. He goes into the temple and
telepathically pops the heads of the priests. Ick. He then releases all of the
prisoners who now worship him as their savior. He seems to have a plan to
take over the galaxy. After opening up a Zeta-beam tunnel, they all go
charging of to who knows where. Rann, maybe? It appears to all be falling
into place.

Thanagar Then: Hawkman and Strange grab a space cruiser and head o9 for

Rann Then: The Thanagarian council denies having anything to do with the
bombings but Alanna and the Rannian council are not convinced. The
Thanagarians dare them to try anything and cut off communications. Alanna
finds out that Strange and Hawkman left Thanagar so she puts a bounty on
their heads.

Best Panel:

Hawkman sprouting his wings!


Worst Panel:

Despero popping heads.


Best Comment:

Hawkman: Have I ever told you that Earth humor makes me angry?

Adam Strange: Doesn’t everything?

Hawkman: Actually? Yes.


Worst Comment:

Adam Strange: …I never thought I’d see your Hawk-junk either.


Huh? Comment:

Hawkman: You Earthlings. So hung up on the naked body. Perhaps that
explains yours obsession with war.


Summary and Verdict of Issue Three

Wow! Compared to the first two issues, a LOT happened to get the
story really moving. Lots of suggestive references in this issue, starting with
the title “Strange Bedfellows”, Hawkman walking around naked for the first
third of the issue, and the “you boys have fun” wink-wink comment. We saw
the clear di9erences in their approach to battle; with Hawkman almost
enjoying the opportunity to vent some frustrations, while Strange is sickened
by the whole thing and worried about everybody. He is even starting to
wonder if he is made out for the hero status. Hawkman seemed to jump at
the chance to get out of Thanagar. When he asked Strange how he found
him, Strange told him about the GPS in the Justice League members card.

That card is making quite an impression in this series. Pretty handy!
Hawkman says he forgot he had it but it seems obvious that he is lying
through his feathers when we see his card propped up against his wallet on
his kitchen counter. Hawkman and Adam Strange find out that Despero may
be behind the bombings and escape Thanagar to confront him. Thanagar is
after the both of them now, and Rann has put a bounty on their heads as

Nothing in this issue is at it appears; Rann blaming Thanagar,
Thanagar denying involvement, Hawkman acting like he doesn’t care about
the Justice League, Strange trying to man up during the battle, Cyborg
thinking Despero was in his cell, and maybe even the title of the series is a
ruse. We may see a death, and it might not even be Hawkman’s. This issue
was fun, it had some laughs and lots of action. The last three issues should
be one big speeding roller coaster ride to the end.

Five out of Five Maces


Issue No. 4 is due out January 4th!


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