TNA Impact Wrestling 12/15/16 Recap – TAG TEAM APOCALYPTO!


The Hardy Universe is taking over an entire episode of Impact, and Tag Team Apocalypto is upon us! We see Reby play the piano while Matt rows a non-dilapidated boat and a fake newscast hypes up the Day of Deletion. #Broken Fake News interviews Itchweed, who does some mild yardwork with a weed whacker. We go inside the compound where the Hardys, their entrance set of a giant Matt head, and Senor Benjamin in a Ribera steakhouse jacket are mid-ring.

Rockstar Spud enters the Dome of Deletion and challenges King Maxel. Maxel does the Delete bit before Benjamin tases Spud. Maxel pins Spud and wins his debut. Disco Inferno is backstage and says “oh shit, thank God it wasn’t me!” He asks if anyone wants to play poker – ha! Gregory Shane Helms tells the newscaster to stand back – he’s coming through! The Rock and Roll Express comes to the door.


Morton tells Matt that they are here to prove that they’re the best. Matt offers snacks – Robert accepts green beans while Ricky asks for a beer. Sienna is mid-ring and wants Rosemary – but gets Vanguard 1. The drone falls and is nearly counted out before a camper rolls in and ODB comes out. ODB clubs away, but her giant hooter charge in the corner misses. The referee argues with Vanguard 1 and Sienna hits ODB with a chair and pounces her to win. ODB motorboats the drone.

The Helms Dynasty meets with Matt while Helms mocks Matt and Helms says he’ll see them all in Apocalypto. Itchweed rides his lawnmower into the compound before beating up Chet Sterling and hitting a Cactus elbow off the elbow and beating him with the Pesticide elbow drop. We get a Hardy Flashback with Matt going through the petting zoo. Lashley vs. Eddie is up next for the World Title.


Eddie chops away on Lashley, who lands a sick running back elbow to gain control. A sick snake eyes hits for Lashley and we get an alternative corner cam shot of it too. A shining wizard gets 2 and then Eddie gets tossed into the crowd. Lashley and Eddie brawl and Lashley spears him through a wall! We get a recap of the Hardys vs. Decay compound war. Tag Team Apocalypto is up and is for the World Tag Team Titles. It’s a falls count anywhere elimination match. The Dynasty and Rock and Roll Express are in, as are Decay. Lights and smoke fill the building, so the fans have to leave.

Eddie and Lashley are shown brawling in the compound before the Hardys and Express throw fireworks at the Dynasty and Decay. Helms drives away with Matt and Lee brawling in the bed of the truck. Jeff finds Matt and gets throws into a traffic sign while the Bruiserweights debut. Crazzy Steve snaps a neck and takes out one of them. The Dynasty and Hardys fight in front a store and the Dynasty gets 2. Decay eliminates The Ugly Ducklings and So Fine. Spud brings his partner – SWOGGLE!


Lee and Everett get 2 on Jeff when Matt summons Scarsgard to make the save. Helms demands that they beat the boat’s ass, so they do. The River of Reincarnation results in GS Helms becoming Sugar Shane and doing the 3 Count dance with the Dynasty! Helms insults their dancing, sending him into the river again. Ricky and Robert battle Matt. Ricky gets 2 off a sunset flip. Eddie and Lashley brawl while a ref is in the porta-john.

Ricky and Jeff fight on cherrypickers while Robert does a spinning toehold to Matt. Jeff does a swanton off the lift, but Robert moves! A Twist of Fate takes out Robert. Ricky just wants to be let down from the lift and calls Matt a son of a bitch. Spud and Swoggle sneak into the Dome while everyone else is down. DCC comes in and a goon in the mask gets pinned, eliminating them. Lashley, Eddie, the Hardys, and Decay brawl near a volcano that explodes.


Hurricane returns and we get a brief return to the news desk. Abyss brings out Janice Steve low-blows Jeff, but Vanguard 1 shoots a firework gun at them. The Dynasty tries to hit Matt with shovels, but Hurricane returns and saves Matt – ending the Dynasty and joining the Hardys. The Dynasty is pinned while Matt says that a man with three Hes would be proud of how they buried that talent. Matt hits Abyss in the gut with Janice and Jeff Twists Steve into the volcano, which then shoots him out and into the ring where Matt pins him. This was one hell of a memorable show.


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