DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Earth 2 Society #19’s Justice Society Vs. Utopia On The Way To A JSA Rebirth?


Following the news that Earth 2 Society is ending with issue #21 and that a JSA Rebirth is imminent in 2017 comes the antepunultimate issue of this series which hit stands this week with Earth 2 Society #19.


DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Earth 2 Society #19.

The remaining Wonders (Earth 2’s “meta-humans”) have made it to a futuristic version of Earth 2 with a splash of 1930s added to this world’s DNA. Its a seeming Utopia which has our heroes worried as there’s no such thing as utopia.


At the same time, Batman (Dick Grayson), his son John (“Boy Wonder”) and Huntress (Helena Wayne) are with this new Earth 2’s only hero in Sergeant Steel (a Heywood family member like others in the DC Comics history that were also Commander Steel, Citizen Steel and Steel).


Sergeant Steel was part of the Americommando program that was shuttered by this world’s leader. That program was replaced by Wesley Dodds and his Sandmen whose role it is to exterminate “Extrinsics”.

This context, extrinsic means not being part of this world; coming from elsewhere / outside.


The Sandmen get marching orders from their leader, this Earth 2’s ruler, to destroy the Wonders that are extrinsic to this new Earth 2.


Wesley Dodds, the head Sandman, has a different idea, but buckles under the orders of his boss.


Back with Batman, John senses that they’re being hunted by the Sandmen which freaks our Sergeant Steel who thinks they’re spies.


Sergeant Steel scuffles with Huntress and shoots Batman!


At the same time the Sandmen descend on the rest of the team including Superman (Val-Zod), Supergirl (Kara Zor-l) and others.


A fight ensues where we also see the mysterious boss of the Sandmen and this world reveal himself!


Who is it?


The Ultra-Humanite who “created” this new world. He wants it to remain perfect cleansed of these Wonders!


Only two issues left in this series before a likely JSA Rebirth either with these characters or older versions of these characters on the main DC Earth. Am enjoying this final arc. Awesome are this issue and compelling, page-turning plot with some perhaps too dense dialogue in spots. Overall a solid read. 8 out of 10.

What’s Left?

Only two issues to go.

January 2017’s Earth 2 Society #20.


February 2017’s Earth 2 Society #21.


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