WWE Raw 12/19/16 – Seth and Roman vs. JeriKO

Jericho and Owens come down and Jericho says doing that codebreaker hurt him more than KO. Santa is put on the list and Mick gets mocked for his getup – so he embraces it and shows off a new wacky Christmas match. Mick makes JeriKO vs. Roman and Seth right here…in Pittsburgh, PA. Or in Columbus, Ohio as the case may be. Mick makes Roman vs. KO at the Rumble and will put Jericho inside a shark cage. Mick loses the key and sends Jericho up.

Cass vs. Rusev ends in a DQ when Cass kicks too much ass and then Rusev retreats through the fans. Sasha talks about her iron man match and wants Charlotte – but gets Nia, who takes her out on the bad knee. Mick hypes up Sheamus and Cesaro and debuts the new Raw Tag Team Titles – a white and silver variant of the existing belt. Mick is told to leave now for an emergency and it’s Braun destroying guys. He wants Sami, but Mick told him to leave hours ago. Braun had quite the edge here. Noam Dar is out to face Cedric, who has Fox as his girlfriend and still has no reaction. Aries is now on Raw as the CW commentator. Lumbar check ends it.

New Day comes out and buries the champs for getting new belts while they had to carry around the giant copper-looking belts. The Club and Shining Stars come out for a heels vs face eight man tag. Champs and former champs are the faces here. Cesaro and Sheamus do a nice double team white noise while the swing into the sharpshooter wins for Cesaro. Cass gives Enzo a paper about having to attend sensitivity training.

Neville cuts a promo on the faces on 205 Live – he’s going to obliterate the entire division. Kendrick, TJP, and Swann are out with the heels dominating. Backlund, Young, Bo, and Jinder are there. Titus faces Sin Cara, but Braun kills them both and carries Sin Cara to the back. He meets with Mick on the ramp and throws Cara through a table of presents. KO and Jericho are wacky backstage before Charlotte comes out to gloat. Bayley comes out and gets a song – which Charlotte mocks. Bayley faces Charlotte and beats her right away – so she’s 3-0 against Charlotte and will definitely get a title match that they now need to find filler content for until the Rumble.

Bob does Hindu squats during the meeting, with Enzo playing the role of Jinder and mocking him for 3MB. Jinder says that Enzo has little man syndrome. Everyone gets certificates for their training before Jinder and Rusev kick his ass. Seth and Roman vs. JeriKO is largely fine, but a backdrop for Braun to come down and destroy Seth. The running powerslam takes him out and then the amazing impact lays out Roman on the floor. Braun’s megapush has official begun!

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