Civil War II #8 Spoilers & Review: Tony Stark’s Fate, Marvel Now 2017 & Beyond Futures Revealed! What’s World Like For Inhumans Vs. X-Men (IVX)?

Marvel Now 2016’s Civil War II #8 Spoilers and Review follow.

We start with the blurb explaining what’s happened up till now and…

…that mighty Marvel Dramatis Personae.

However, I have always found this graphic helpful when determining what the Marvel “sides” are in the civil war over Ulysses’ future sight.

If all else fails, and you need be reminded, here are links to the first nine (9), yes 9, issues of the main Civil War II series up till now filled with spoilers.

Ok, ready for Civil War #8 now – which makes this mini-series an even ten (10) issues?

The book opens with the Inhumans are trying to stop the “civil war” over Ulysses’s visions. Maria Hill, Head of SHIELD, hangs up on Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans.

The battle between Captain Marvel and Iron Man continues as Maria Hill decides to heed Medusa’s call and end hostilities, but not before…

…Captain Marvel seems to destroy Iron Man’s super armor…

…with Tony Stark inside of it!

Then Ulysees whisks everyone to somewhere and we learn why this issue was extra-sized since we get…

..single page preview of the future of Marvel event series heading into Marvel Now 2017 and beyond!

First up, Monsters Unleashed.

Next up, the post Inhumans vs. X-Men (IVX) X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold teams battling something with Cyclops’ Champion mate in the middle? First Sentinel sighting.

Then, the death of injuring of Captain America Steve Rogers at the hands of Spider-Man Miles Morales with an ominous Cap looking on.

I think that’s Killraven alongside the Inhumans fighting off some kind of alien threat.

Then A Sentinel a la X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. the Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker or Spider-Man Miles Morales and their loved ones? Second Sentinel sighting.

Followed by Avenger’s foe Ulton in Thor foe Destroyer’s armor?

Then Thor is back as Thor vs. Loki?

That’s six (6) single pages and a two-page splash for eight (8) pages in total teasing future Marvel events and Marvel Now 2017 and beyond happenings. Not to mention the other future teases that are in-story in and not Ulysses’s visions.

Anyhow, we also see Ulysses evolve into something more and align with…


We also see Spider-Man Miles Morales holding the seemingly lifeless body of Iron Man Tony Stark after his battle with Captain Marvel.

It’s a pose intended to evoke similar feelings to Ulysees’ earlier vision of Spider-Man Miles Morales and Captain America Steve Rogers.

Anyhow, Beast is trying to explain to Captain Marvel that Tony Stark has been experimenting on himself and…

…he’s survived, but in a state they’re not sure about. Beast is even afriad to draw blood to see what is up.

Beast also tells Captain Marvel that he trusted her with changing the future with Ulysses, but not who would follow her in that role. That’s why they had this civil war.

The book ends with a shadow obscured President of the United States asking Captain Marvel how the super-hero community has taken the outcome of their civil war.

This splash also teases future series as part of Marvel Now 2016, some that have started already due to the delay of Civil War II #8 which had been scheduled to be in stores November 2, 106.

So, that’s ten (10) issues of Civil War II #8 used to tease other books and events. That’s 1/4 of this books billed 40 pages.

We also end the book with Captain Marvel responding the challenge and golden ticket of the President with hints at the future.

The End?


This issue may work in the era of decompressed storytelling, but this last issue has been a long time coming so its not easy to recall the seminal moments in earlier issues. The action and ending sadly felt boilerplate story-wise. That said, what this issue lacks in story it more than makes up for in the art department. Artist David Marquez and the guest artists on the eight (8) pages of future event teases do make up for Brian Micheal Bendis’ tired story. If the book was solely rated on art, it would be an 8 or even 9 out of 10. However, since we have to factor in story and art, I give this book at 5.5 out of 10.

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