Marvel Now 2017, Inhumans Vs. X-Men (IVX) & ResurrXion Fallout Spoilers: Creative Teams Announced For 7 New X-Men Series!

The new creative teams have been announced for 7 new x-series plus we have either issue #1 covers below or mighty Marvel house ads for ResurrXion.

Spoilers follow for post Inhumans Vs. X-Men (IVX) ResurrXion state of the X-Men.

Time-traveling Cable.


Young time-displaced Jean Grey still with no code name.

Adult Ice Man series.

Generation X team book.

Weapon X team book… dangerous.

X-Men Blue team modeled on original 1960’s X-Men with the time-displaced younger original X-Men.

X-Men Gold modeled on 1970’s international X-Men that sprung from Giant Sized X-Men #1.

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