DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Justice League Of America The Atom Rebirth #1 With Ryan Choi, Raymond Palmer &… Adam Cray Via Preview?!

A new Justice League of America Rebirth series spins out of the current Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad mini-series, but…

…not before we get a few one-shots spotlighting a few of that JLA team’s unconventional roster.

First up is The Atom, Ryan Choi!

He has a mystery that was set up in DC Universe Rebirth #1 involving the missing Raymond Palmer, the original Atom.

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Justice League Of America The Atom Rebirth #1

The second last page above showed Adam Cray’s DC Comics Rebirth debut. Well, he was in the classic 1980’s Suicide Squad as the Atom; he was in the son of senator that Deadshot as I recall killed to keep the Squad covet. What will his role in Rebirth be?

So, with these preview and teaser pages for Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth #1, are you intrigued enough to pick up the issue?

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