Review: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story


Finally.  I made my way to see “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and I did so in style.  There’s a newish theatre near me, called Envision Cinema Bar and Grille.  Not only do they have those fancy recliners, they also bring food – really good food – right to your seat throughout the film.  I thought this might be distracting, but it was only minimally so.  I’ll definitely go back.  I’ll definitely have more of that Oreo Cheesecake.   And I’ll definitely see more films here.

I just hope they aren’t this boring.

I’ll confess that I’m not a huge Star Wars fan.  I enjoy the movies well enough and I’ve spent more than a few years at Star Wars Weekends back when Disney’s Hollywood Studios used to host this event.  But this one didn’t have the magic of the others; it felt like any other action sci-fi film.  As a movie, I suppose its fine.  Probably better than average, given the special effects and adventure of it all.

But I am still not entirely sure what happened.  I wonder if I were a bigger Star Wars fan if I’d have understood more of the context.  But films, especially mega-blockbusters, shouldn’t have a pre-requisite.

Felicity Jones (“Jyn Erso”) does a fair-enough job as the female heroine.  But she, like the rest of the characters are forgettable.  There were three laugh out loud moments, all from android K-2SO (Alan Tudyk).  His sarcasm was a welcome addition, but it made me long for Harrison Ford more than anything else.

And what on earth was Forrest Whitaker doing?  Such strange choices.

I enjoyed Darth Vader taking out several Rebellion soldiers with his Dark Jedi skills.  I liked that we now have a better understanding of what setup Episode Four, despite it being somewhat confusing.  But overall I left feeling disappointed.

Boredom is the critic’s worst enemy.  Thank goodness for that Oreo Cheesecake.


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