WWE Raw 1/2/17 – Goldberg Returns!

Mick says that his new years resolution is to write the name of the city he’s in on his hand so what happened last week will never happen again. Owens and Jericho complain about Roman getting another match for his title. Mick debuts the Kevin Owens Show and its first guest – Goldberg. Steph comes down and makes Roman defend his title against Jericho and if Roman gets counted out or DQed, he loses the title. Steph says that she’s sick of the guys here and that SD Live beat Raw in the ratings and she barks out more orders to everyone.

Seth vs. Owens is made to determine who is banned from ringside. Owens and Seth have a perfectly fine little match that ends when Owens uses the bell on Seth. Cesaro and Anderson have a fun little match. Cesaro muscles up Anderson with a suplex and Sheamus puts him over big-time on commentary. Karl hits a flying neckbreaker and gets his first singles win in WWE. Braun’s path of destruction is recapped. Sami faces him in a last man standing match.

Sami dominates for a bit with kendo sticks, resulting in welts. Sami gets the moonsault, but gets caught and eats a snake eyes on the barricade. They fight to the announce table before brawling to the backstage area. Sami gets tossed on top of a steel box before avoiding a case shot. He grabs a chair and sends Braun back to the ringside area with some chairshots to the back. Braun clubs him down and then powerslams him down on the floor to win.

New Day comes out for comedy. Titus comes out to be mocked by Xavier, mocks him, and then a match breaks out. Woods wins a short, fairly bad match with a sunset flip. Steph mocks Bayley and says that Charlotte has more than Bayley and is the queen of PPV. Steph says that Bayley will face Charlotte at the Rumble…if she beats Nia Jax.

Cedric faces Drew Gulak in yet another cruiserweight match that gets no crowd reaction. Cedric hits a handspring kick before Nese distracts him and a schoolboy gets the win. Roman and Jericho have a fairly bland match that Roman wins with the spear. Neville’s dominance on 205 Live is documented before TJP comes out to face Kendrick. Kendrick lands a fairly safe Regalplex, but the Detonation Kick leads to the kneebar and the tap. Emmalina says that her debut will be worth the wait.

Rusev and the super-jacked Jinder are out to face Big Cass, with Enzo in a wheelchair. Cass big boots Rusev, but Rusev hits a big running superkick off a distraction and wins. Bayley vs. Nia is a standard David vs. Goliath match, only with Sasha distracting Nia so Bayley get a super Belly to Bayley and win. Taker’s return on Raw next week is hyped up as is HBK’s.

KO and Jericho comes out with a guy wearing a Kevin Owens Show sign on his head. Goldberg comes down and says that since Jericho is in the Rumble, he’s first. Goldberg throws the lawn chair around – so he’s ON THE LIST. KO says he’s not impressed, so he throws his own set around and they stare down. Then Heyman talks about Brock before Roman brags about what he’ll do, and then Braun comes down and gets double speared by Roman and Goldberg. There’s definitely something with Roman and Goldberg – either as a team or opponents, as they had some chemistry here.

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