Marvel Now 2017 & IVX Spoilers & Review: Inhumans Vs. X-Men #2 Has One Side Coming Out On Top For Now On The Path To ResurrXion!

Marvel Now 2017 & IVX Spoilers and Review follow for Inhumans Vs. X-Men #2.

At first read this issue isn’t wholly comprehensible to new readers. So, hopefully, the dramatis personae and…

…introduction blurbs will hopefully help you out.

While I know there is no current ongoing Fantastic Four series at Marvel or part of the Marvel Now 2017 publishing initiative, it appears that Johnny Storm – the Human Torch – is aligned with the Inhumans for some reason, but what’s to stay neutral in their “disagreement” with the X-Men.

As an aside, I think Ben Grimm – The Thing – is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy currently.

A CRY FOR HELP 1 – If anyone knows where Reed and Sue Richards – Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman – are nowadays, let me know please.

Anyhow, Medusa sends Iso and Inferno – two Inhumans and one with their powers explained in their name – to find the other members of the Royal Family of Inhumans as Black Bolt, Crystal and Karnak are not responding to Medusa’s hails.

Storm and the X-Men come for Medusa, as she predicted, and an adult Angel – Warren Worthington iii – with fire wings (not feather or metal) grabs Wolverine (formerly X-23) to go after Iso and Inferno.

A CRY FOR HELP 2 – Like with my Fantastic Four query above, if anyone can explain what’s up with the adult Angel who is no longer the Archangel, I would appreciate it.

It seems that the X-Men have made quick work of the Inhumans as Medusa and those around her are now trapped in Limbo. I think that is because of Magik – Illyana Rasputin – and her magical, demonic X-powers.

Angel and Wolverine are in pursuit of Iso and Inferno…

…but they somehow escape and find…

…some kind of object or Inhuman named Eldrac who has some kind of transport or teleportation powers.

A CRY FOR HELP 3 – What’s Eldrac’s deal?

Anyhow, Iso and Inferno get transported just in time into…

…the waiting arms of the X-Man Old Man Logan, the original Wolverine!

Want to keep up with IVX? Here is Marvel’s handy checklist if tie-ins.

And, here’s the cover to Inhumans vs. X-Men #3.


While I didn’t find parts of this issue particularly accessible, hence my 2 crys for help above, the broader story makes sense about why the X-Men and Inhumans are in conflict. I do think the cast for this issue was a bit big so following them all and understanding them and their motivations wasn’t always clear. That said, while the story by writer Jeff Lemire and Charles feels like a mixed blessing-curse, the pencisl by Leinel Francis Yu are breathtaking. Simply gorgeous. As such, on the strength of the art and the few parts of the story that were coherent, this issue gets a 6 out of 10.

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