DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Earth 2 Society #20 Has An Explosive Cliffhanger Leading To Or Enabling A JSA / Justice Society Rebirth?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Earth 2 Society #20.

This last arc of Earth 2 Society leads to the book’s end next month. For folks keeping score, Earth 2 has been destroyed and the Earth 2 residents relocated to the planet Telos which became the new Earth 2 around the time of Convergence (a lot more spoilers are here).

However, in this arc that Earth 2 has been destroyed and recreated in the image of a perfect world by the mind of the Ultra-Humanite.

This new Earth 2 has no “Wonders” which is this alternate Earth’s verbiage for “meta-human”. However, two sets of Wonders have survived from the previous incarnation of Earth 2.

These heroes are fighting Wesley Dodds and his Sandmen who are tasked with destroying anomalies as ordered by the Ultra-Humanite.

We see Hawkgirl and Flash save Earth’s citizens from the Sandmen, but they won’t no part of these Wonders as they aren’t familiar with them and may have been brainwashed since birth to think that way.

Red Tornado – Earth 2’s Lois Lane – and Supergirl – formerly Power Girl – are also tangling with the Sandmen.

The Ultra-Humanite is vexed, but he has a secret weapon or card left to play if needed.

The Val-Zod Superman and Fury, the daughter of Earth 2’s deceased Wonder Woman, also tangle with Sandmen while…

…Batman – Dick Grayson – and his son as well as the Huntress are working to play nice with Earth 2 resident Sergeant Steel.

Batman survived getting shot by an anxious Sergeant Steel – who though Batman’s son was working for the Ultra-Humanite – and Batman forgive Steel. He just wants to work together to bring down “Control”.

The Fury is ferocious and as the tides seem to be turning to favor the Wonders….

…the Ultra-Humanite reveals his secret weapon…

…Earth 2’s Green Lantern – Alan Scott!

It all comes to an end in two months in Earth 2 Society #22!

Earth 2 Society #21 hits stands on February 8, 2017.

Earth 2 Society #22 hits stands March 8, 2017.

UPDATE: Special thanks to Drew Landis for the catch about issue #22.


I am enjoying the march to end of this series. The art by fits the entertaining fast-paced high-octane arc. The moments found to spotlight core Wonders also helps service the story. I give this book 8 out of 10. However…

…while we know DC Comics is embracing the multiverse currently, including in the pages of the recent Multiplicity arc in the pages of Superman (spoilers here)…

…the fate of an Earth Justice Society / JSA remains unknown after Earth 2 Society #21 next month.

However, DC Comics has have JSA / Justice Society Rebirth plans as we saw with the Johnny Thunder story beats in DC Universe Rebirth #1!

I am intrigued by what DC Comics plans are – multiverse wise or DC Rebirth wise – for an Earth 2 and/or the Justice Society / JSA!

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