WWE Spoilers & News: United Kingdom / UK Championship Belt Post Tournament Plan? On Raw Or Smackdown Live? WWE Latin & Asia Championships Coming?

WWE spoilers and news follow.

Triple H recently revealed WWE plans post two-day WWE UK Championship tournament this weekend:

      “Long-term the goal here, from WWE’s point of view, would be to turn this into a weekly episodic show here just like Raw, Smackdown, NXT, just like 205 Live, and give fans that option of the UK talent in their own show. It just deepens the talent pool. At the end of the day, the goal is to get guys to NXT. The goal is to get guys to Raw, to Smackdown, and to WrestleMania. This just deepens that talent pool, and gives people variety of being able to see talent from all over the world.”

So, it doesn’t appear that the WWE United Kingdom Championship itself will end up on Raw or Smackdown Live, but perhaps on a WWE Network exclusive program. However, the United Kingdom talent may make their way onto both shows. We’ll see. I have a suspicion we’ll see the new WWE UK Champion live on this week’s Raw.

In addition, in that same vein of regional or geographic shows, WWE also is actively considering a WWE Asian and Latin Championship tournaments, like the UK Championship Tournament, to bestow a WWE superstar the first ever WWE Latin Championship Belt and WWE Asia Championship belt.

No word yet, but will we also see the eventual return of the WWE European Championship belt as well?

With that, here are the brackets for this weekend’s WWE United Championship tournament.

Good luck to all the United Kingdom wrestlers / WWE superstars involved in this weekend’s WWE UK Championship tournament.

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