DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review Two-Fer: Justice League Vs Suicide Squad Prequel w/ Suicide Squad #9 & Sequel w/ (JLA) Justice League Of America Vixen Rebirth #1

The Justice League vs Suicide Squad mini-series begets a new Justice League of America for DC Comics Rebirth.

Four of its cast get one-hots in January 2016 at the same time as Justice League vs. Suicide Squad begins to wrap up.

This week Vixen got the spotlight.

Justice League of America Vixen Rebirth #1 DC Comics Rebirth spoilers and review follow.

It’s interesting to see how her animal powers imbuing tantu totem works in DC Rebirth…

…I’ve never seen its power be drawn so beautifully and powerfully.

JLA: Vixen Rebirth #1 tells us of Mari McCabe’s past before and as she became Vixen.

In modern day she is Vixen looking for kidnapped girls.

This visual has been believing she can tap into the “Red” of DC Rebirth. Something that connects all fleshy beings that Animal Man taps into. This contrasts the “Green” that connects plant life that Swamp Thing taps into.

She finds the villain…

…called Spiderbite.

Vixen takes him down and even usurps control of the spiders seemingly in the thrall of Spiderbite.

All in a superheroine’s day’s work before she goes back to being a supermodel.


Solid, amazing and heartbreaking art. The backstory for Vixen was nicely retold and enhanced. The modern day villain and kidnapping seemed cliched on one hand and entertaining on the other hand; so mixed. I give the book a 7 out of 10.

Suicide Squad #9 DC Comics spoilers and review follow follow.

Suicide Squad #9 tells of the first Suicide Squad’s mission as a tie-in to last week’s Justice League vs Suicide Squad issue that revealed Maxwell Lord’s recruits were Amanda Waller’s first Task Force X; Maxwell Lord wasn’t on that team as he was presumably leading Checkmate at the time.

Their first or an early mission for the team had them up against some “gods” in a communist type country. They also had an extra team member Cyclotron with them. You can probably guess his fate.

It seems that the gods are tapped into the citizenry so if they get killed so do innocents. Amanda Waller tells the team to abort, but Johnny Sorrow ignores her and the team go on a murderous spree to kill these gods.

This first Suicide Squad was powerful.

They succeed, with innocents also dead, and Lobo’s easy flick of the finger caves in the Casto-stand-in Dictator’s face; instant death.

Cyclotron tries to convince this first #Skwad to use the Dictator’s God Wheel to give themselves god-like powers….

…while Amanda Waller convince$ Lobo to kill Cyclotron…

…who was always meant to be Waller’s Plan B bomb.

The Suicide Squad win the day and survive the bomb blast, but have a big hate-on for Amanda Waller.


I loved the story and art, particularly the art. 9 out of 10.

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