WWE Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live & NXT Spoilers & News: All 13 Championship Belts Due To New WWE United Kingdom Championship Belt

WWE Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live and NXT Spoilers and News follow.

With the crowning of the first WWE United Kingdom Champion, I have updated our ongoing graphic depicting all WWE championship belts with the new WWE UK Championship belt.

It is not clear which brand, WWE Raw or Smackdown Live, the WWE UK Championship Belt and its champion will end up on. We may know more this week on WWE Raw and Smackdown Live.

Although, the new belt does have red in it and Raw is the longer show, but we’ll see.

It is interesting that WWE appears to be considering tournaments on the WWE Network similar like the UK one to crown the first ever WWE Asia Champion and WWE Latin Champion, but the timeline for that is unclear. Will we see 15 WWE championship belts in 2017?

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