DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Superman #15 Multiversity Sequel Multiplicity Adds 22 Supermen To Hit List! Who’s Who Too!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review of Superman #15 Multiversity Sequel Multiplicity follow.

With Superman #15 the list of multiversal Supermen that new villain Propehcy is after rises to 22 Supermen!

The books opens with Superman on the Orrery of Worlds with the Justice League Incarnate where he learns they only get involved in the…

…”big picture” of the multiverse and its worlds.

Their Harbinger computer lets them know that Earth 14’s Justice League of Assassins and its Superman have been vanquished by the Prophecy. Superman decides that predicting which Superman is next doesn’t make sense, they need to start contacting the Supermen directly.

Beyond the one Superman they collect that is revealed on the cover, the Etrigan Superman of Earth 14 (more here) there are 4 more Supermen that they contact and collect.

    • Earth 10’s Nazi Superman

    • Earth 12’s Superman Beyond

    • Earth 18’s Old West Black Bison Superman

    • Earth 16’s Earth Me Superman.

They form a team of Supermen.

The Phophecy is after Supermen, but not after the pre-Flashpiont DC Rebirth Superman as he is an anomaly. What or who this Superman is will be explored in March 2017’s Superman Reborn and in April 2017’s Superman Reborn Aftermath.

Anyhow, that Superman suggests that they come out of the Bleedspace, that is outside of the multiverse but is connected to it and its Earths, and use this gathering of Supermen as bait.

Superman transports the Supermen elsewhere so he can take on Prophecy who see for the first time.

Superman vs Prophecy!

Plus the cover to Superman #16.


A very entertaining issue with Multiplicity serving as a Multiversity sequel. Was neat to see one of the seven mystery Earths revealed in this issue with the world of the Justice League of Assassins. While I had hoped for more action, it was awesome story nonetheless by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with amazing art by a collection of artists whose transitions weren’t visually jarring. A solid 8 out of 10.

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