DVD Review – The Story of God

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If you could take one man and have him tackle one of the most sensitive subjects among human beings it’d have to be Morgan Freeman, right? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t think he’s both a genuinely decent human, a fine actor and someone who everyone has a favorite movie with him in it. He’s like the acting equivalent of KISS … except without the blatant desire to make money off of every bodily function possible.

The multiple-time Academy Award winning actor did something fairly interesting for NatGeo in spring of 2016; explore the story of God. Traveling across the world, Freeman’s desire was to explore religion and how it has helped shaped our society on an international scale. Traveling to 20 cities in seven countries, including some of the most holy sites in the world, Freeman explores in six episodes the nature of the divine and how it influences humanity.

It’s an interesting take on a very volatile subject as Freeman is the exact sort of personality needed to cover something like this. He has a genuine interest in the nature of God and seeing Freeman in front of a camera, but not playing a character, is remarkable. Freeman’s personality and character as himself, just asking questions about how the power of the divine is something that powers human nature worldwide, makes the show interesting in and of itself.

This is thimble level deep contemplation, of course, as it’s entertaining but no deeper than anything you could read or hear in a Philosphy of Religion course at a local junior college. But seeing Freeman explore this, even its just a cursory level, is interesting in its own right but not must watch television.


National Geographic presents The Story of God. Starring Morgan Freeman. Run Time: 252 minutes. Not Rated. Released on 1.10.17