DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Justice League #13 Reveals The World Falling Under The Spell Of Eclipso In Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Justice League #13 a Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad tie-in.

This issue is told from the perspective of one-time Wonder Woman love interest, and one-time Justice League government liaison, Steve Trevor… now with a goatee.

It looks like some of the world is falling under Eclipso’s spell and others are not.

Steve Trevor notices some untainted people being attacked by Eclipso’d citizens and goes to help them.

Steve Trevor does his best to fight them off physically and with light.

During the battle he notices Wonder Woman and calls to her and he sees she has been Eclipso’d too.

And, despite all of Steve’s efforts, the untainted people he was protecting succumb to Eclipso.

Trevor escapes to his sister’s home and sees that his nephew and niece have been Eclipso’d; they’re attacking their mom.

Steve Trevor literally fights for mental control of his family with Eclipso and…


…or so he thought!

Steve Trevor falls under Eclipso’s control.


I didn’t like this issue at all, but in fairness I haven’t been reading this series as I found the first few arcs did not have a compelling storyline teased that was, in my opinion, Justice League worthy. Steve Trevor, an unrecognizable Steve Trevor, does not serve as an interesting lead for a book that should be about the Justice League not a non-powered hanger-on. Writer Tim Seeley fails on story and penciller Scot Eaton fails on art although I’m not sure if its Eaton or inker Wayne Faucher that made the art seem very 1980’s blah. The colors of Gabe Eltaeb are breathtaking so there is that. I give this book a 3 out of 10 for entertainment value.

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