Royal Rumble 2017 News; Top NXT Star Reportedly In Line For Major Main Roster Push, Starting With The Rumble


According quite a few observers, NXT top star Samoa Joe is a sure-fire pick as one of this year’s Royal Rumble surprise entrants. Some have even gone beyond that and have picked Joe as their favorite to win the whole thing, which would be quite a feat for someone who hasn’t even appeared on  WWE’s main roster yet.

The reason for all that is a quite insistent backstage story, claiming Joe is not only next in line for a main roster “promotion”, but is also expected to be part of a major storyline (whatever that may be) at WrestleMania. If that is true, one would indeed expect him to appear on WWE’s RAW or Smackdown! programmings sooner rather than later, and what better way for him to make an immediate impact than have a strong showing at the Rumble?

That said, we had much the same rumors at last year’s Rumble, so as always in wrestling, don’t believe anything unless it’s actually happening…


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