10 Thoughts on NXT – The Revival vs TM61, Roode vs Nakamura contract signing

1. So the main event tonight is a contract signing, and NXT has been pushed off the main screen on WWE network in favor of the U.K. Championship, 205 Live, State of the WWE Universe and even the CWC, which hasn’t had any new content since September. Is this all a big FU from Vince to anyone that said NXT was the best show on the network last year?

2. Our first match tonight involves Sanity in some way or another, and it turns out to be Nikki Cross facing Kennedy Lewis. Pretty much a squash match for Cross, displaying her crazy/sloppy style. Meh.

3. Hey, a No Way Jose interview. He thinks that 2017 is all about fun, but Kona Reeves disagrees, because everyone knows Hawaiians hate fun. They’re going to have a match over it, apparently.

4. Now it’s a Revival interview, because you don’t watch NXT for the wresting, do you? TM61 interrupt and challenge them to a match, and Dawson promises to cripple the cocky Australians.

5. Finally some in-ring action with Roderick Strong taking on Steve Cutler, and if Cutler wins here I will binge watch every Baron Corbin match ever. Strong is great in the ring but both he and Cutler look pretty generic, which suggests they’re going to struggle if they make it to the main roster.  Strong picks up the win with a Sick Kick after a decent match.

6. Ember Moon interview, interrupted by Liv Morgan. They want the same thing, which is to prove that the NXT women’s division is top notch. So they’re going to have a match, which actually seems like sensible motivation.

7. And now it’s time for the Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger to talk about his future, and he’s going to do it in the ring. After talking like an emo teen for a while and questioning his perfection, Dillinger fires up and talks about how people believe in him. Suddenly, he’s interrupted by Sanity, and Eric Young offers him guidance while Wolfe hands him a team vest, which Tye immediately throws away.

8. EY picks up the vest and makes a pretty convincing case for Dillinger to join Sanity, but Tye does the perfect 10 taunt and takes out Wolfe and EY before being speared by Big Damo. Young then offers the vest to Damo, who accepts it because what else was he going to do. If this means Dillinger needs to put a team together to take on Sanity, then it could be a good thing. If it results in 3 months of Damo squashes and team beat downs, not so much…

9. Our main event of the night is TM61 taking on The Revival. Pretty standard match from Dash & Dawson, with Thorne and Miller bumping like pinballs before getting the surprise roll up win. Post match, the Revival beat down Thorne and Miller while making their increasingly implausible claim of being ‘the greatest tag team of all time’. They take out Thorne’s knee, which probably means this is the last we will see of TM61 for a while.

10. And now we have a contract signing, during which a contract is signed, insults are exchanged and Bobby Roode demonstrates that he is good at talking. The match at Takeover: San Antonio should be great, but I am anticipating it no more or no less following this segment.

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