WWE Raw & Smackdown Live Spoilers: WWE United States Championship Belt & Intercontinental Championship Belt To Be Redesigned?

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UPDATE (November 2019):

Update with all of WWE’s current championship belts is available here.

ORIGINAL (January 2017):

WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Spoilers follow.

These are WWE’s current inventory of championship belts.

It is being reported that WWE is planning to redesign both WWE Raw’s United States Championship belt and WWE Smackdown Live’s Intercontinental Championship belt. It is being reported that they will not look like the WWE World Championship belt or WWE Universal Championship belt with the big WWE logo. Other than that, the designs themselves have not been confirmed yet.

The rationale for these changes is in part to freshen up the designs, but also it is being reported that WWE doesn’t wholly own the design copyrights for the belts so any new in-house designs would allow WWE to stop paying royalties to the old championship belt designers.

Interesting factoid: “The current design of the Intercontinental Championship dates back to 1988 (with a similar one in 1986)…. The WWE version of the United States Championship was introduced in 2003.”

There is a design for the WWE United States Championship belt that has been circulating since last summer when word first started circulating about a new belt design.

Let’s hope the U.S. Championship Belt does not become a spinning-belt like when John Cena had it the first time.

Let us know what you think or if you have seen other designs floating around out there.

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