DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #6 Reveals Real Evil Mastermind, Batman’s JLA & Amanda Waller’s Next Plan?!

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review follow for Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #6.

Eclipso has eclipsed the super-powered members of the Justice League. Batman and Killer Frost realize that sunlight can defeat him, but Eclipso blocked out the sun. They determine that Superman’s heat vision may be sun-like and devise a plan to siphon that off to defeat Eclipso and turn the Justice League and all the other Eclipso’d back to their natural selves.

The Suicide Squad is also now Eclipso’d and they confront of what will be become the core members of Batman’s Justice League of America: Lobo, Killer Frost and Batman.

Killer Frost works on creating the prism needed for their plan, which will require tremendous energy and upkeep by her to ensure it works. Batman says some cruel things to Superman to have him lash out and direct his heat vision at Batman; Bats moves so that the heat vision strikes the prism so that…

…the Justice League and Suicide Squad turn back to normal.

However, Killer Frosy is drained and dying. Batman offers his life force to save Killer Frost, but she says it’ll kill him. So…

…the Justice League and Suicide Squad offer up parts of their life forces to save Killer Frost.

Eclipso may be defeated, but he is still around and strikes trying to subjugate Killer Frost. She and Superman…

…finally defeat Eclipso with their respective cold and heat!

Maxwell Lord, the host for Eclipso, actually survives!

Batman admits to Amanda Waller he was wrong about Task Force X and that it can co-exist with the Justice League. Batman also convinces Waller to free Killer Frost. She agrees.

Batman then recruits Lobo to his surprise.

Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord is the prisoner of Amanda Waller. And, he finally realizes who manipulated him to do all he did. It was Amanda Waller because…

… she needed a common enemy as Batman was sniffing around the Suicide Squad.

We also learn what happened to Emerald Empress, Johnny Sorry, Rustam and a… new Eclipso?

Amanda Waller explains how Maxwell Lord’s prison works and tell him…

…he’ll be on her team: Task Force XI!


Solid art, strong characterization, and big surprises among the expected Justice League of America set-up. intrigued by Task Force XI idea too. 8 out of 10.

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