Marvel Now 2017 & IVX Spoilers & Review: Inhumans Vs. X-Men #3 Sets X-Men Up As Villain Jailers On Road To ResurrXion!

Marvel Now 2017 and IVX Spoilers and Review follow for Inhumans Vs. X-Men #3!

To get you caught up with IVX, here is the opening dramatis personae and…

…summary page.

New Inhumans or NuHumans Iso and Inferno escaped the X-Men as they captured the Inhumans and imprisoned them in Limbo. They are in Alberta tackling Old Man Logan (Wolverine) and Forge.

These novice Inhumans defeat these veteran X-Men stretching the credibility of this plot to a breaking point.

X-Men as Villain Jailers 1 – We also get a look at the prison in Limbo that the Inhumans are captured in. Their two NuHumans appear to be the key to freeing themselves from their X-prison.

Iso and Inferno, having stolen Old Man Logan’s ride, calls for help and Ms. Marvel – an Inhuman – obliges and assembles a team.

X-Men as Villain Jailers 2 – Powerful psychic Karnak frees himself from young Jean Grey’s mental prison only to find himself in another one. I have no idea what the words on this page mean from Weapon Plus Program to this World being out of sync with time. Anyone care to explain this to me, please?

Now, that said, this was nice reveal. Fantomex! As I’m not a regular x-reader in recent years, I assume or at least hope that Fantomex has some psychic abilities to back up their armament.

X-Men as Villain Jailers 3 – Muir Island shows the X-Men as jailers again with young Hank McCoy speaking with imprisoned older, blue and furry self. Younger wants to work with older to find a cure for the M-Pox the disease ravaging mutant due to the Terrigen mists that give Inhumans their abilities.

Emma Frost accuses older Beats of being a traitor and he responds he didn’t choose a side in Inhumans vs X-Men, but chose peace instead.

X-Men as Villain Jailers 4 – We finally learn how the X-Men have imprisoned Black Bolt. Wow.

We also get a look at the IVX / Inhumans Vs. X-Men #4 cover.

Plus here is your current IVX checklist!


Strong art, solid characterization, good flow, but not a particularly accessible story for newer or lapsed readers for the reasons I mentioned earlier. It also seems that in Marvel’s continuing attempt to make the Inhumans a big deal, on TV, in movies, and in comics, they are portrayed more favourably in this issue than the X-Men. There are also some head scratching developments like Old Man Logan (Wolverine) taken down by a rookie NuHuman. That said, an entertaining issue. 5.5 out of 10.

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