Impact Wrestling 1-26-17 – Lashley vs. Edwards Iron Man Match

Lashley and Eddie are shown coming to the building. Reby plays the Broken Hardys to the ring and they ramble about acquiring gold. The DCC comes out and says their case says they can call out anyone they want. Storm says that they’ll show them why they’re the Death Crew Council – so that finally has a meaning…sorta. Better than Voodoo Kin Mafia I guess. Decay comes down while Josh says the tag division has never been hotter in TNA. Well, that’s a load of bullshit. Steve says that Storm hates Decay because they ended Beer Money.

Finally! A reason for their feud! We’ve got a three-team war here. Lots of nothing for quite some time before Kingston loses to a Twist of Fate. Hardys retain the titles in a match that really should have felt like a bigger deal than it was. Drew says that he’ll defend his title tonight – and he’ll say who it’s against later. Josh interviews EC3, who says that he’s on a mission of retribution. LVN makes dinner reservations for herself and Braxton. Drew comes out and faces Moose for the Grand Title.

Moose hits a nice pump kick while Josh plugs the Fight Network app. Powerbomb and a senton leads to a moonsault for 2. Drew eats a sick apron powerbomb. Moose wins round 1. Go to Hell hits for 2 for Moose. Drew kicks Moose low and wins with the Future Shock. LVN yammers about herself on the “date” while Braxton drinks wine out of the bottle to avoid her. Rosemary vs. Jade is up for the Knockouts Title in a monster’s ball match.

Jade jumps onto Rosemary on the floor with a suicide dive to start. We get the usual mix of cans and kendo sticks until Rosemary brings out the tacks. Jade avoids hitting them and lands a cannonball in the corner. Jade whips her with a belt and canes her back. Rosemary sets up a Van Terminator, but eats a trash can to the head and a German on the tacks that gets a 2 count. Pope rants about TNA having the best wrestlers in the world during all this. He also says this is a Munster’s ball match, which is still better than it being a monster’s balls match like he called it earlier.

Rosemary blows mist, but Jade blocks it with a can lid and kicks it into her face for 2. Rosemary sets up an F5 on a barb wire board, but eats an STO on it. That only gets 2. Jade lionsaults the board on Rosemary’s face and comes up a bit short – kneeing her in the face. This geek show gets a “this is awesome” chant briefly. Jade puts her on a table and wants to 450 her through it, but Jade crotches her up top and superplexes her off the top and through a table for the win.

Gail consoles Jade, and Rosemary mists Gail. The date continues as LVN wants to get him in bed, but Braxton leaves to get the check ASAP. It shouldn’t take long – there’s only one other couple in the…backstage curtain area setup like a restaurant. We get a hype video on Caleb Konley and brags about being conceived during the ’85 Great American Bash tours. He says that he’ll win the X Title tonight and we see a few clips of him from Tag Team Apocalypto.

Trevor Lee comes out, followed by Caleb Konley – number 3 and 4 in the X Title five-way. Marsche Rockett, Lee, Everett, and Konley face DJZ. Josh hypes up the ShopTNA sale on One Night Only PPVs – and heavily implies the items will no longer be sold after the sale. Konley gets 2 off a sunset flip. A slingshot belly to back gets 2. We get a wacky five-man spot ending with everyone DDTing everyone else while DJZ neckbreakers Rockett for 2. Everett corkscrews onto the pile. Everett SSPs Konley, but DJZ hits a big DDT on Lee to retain. Lee and Helms jump DJZ and Pillmanize the leg with a chairshot. Lee vs. DJZ is made for the title next week.

Eddie tells Davey to stay in the back so he can prove to himself that he can beat Lashley on his own. They hug and Davey gives him an evil look. Matt and Jeff look over who Jeff could face. Jeff deletes DJZ because the X division will only fuel his addiction and Matt hates SPOT MON-KEYS! He deletes Rosemary, Ricky Morton, and teases Eddie Edwards before Matt has a PREMONITION! And then Lashley comes out for the World Title match. Minor tonal shift here.

Josh runs down the history of TNA iron man matches. Eddie starts with a dive to the floor. Lashley gets 2 off a sideslam. A spear gives Lashley a fall. Eddie gets a backstabber and a half crab. Lashley gets to the rope and hits an overhead belly to belly to the floor on Edwards. Lashley powerbombs Eddie on the entrance ramp, resulting in several bleeps. Lashley earns a countout win here.

Eddie slowly comes to the apron and gets charged down to the floor. Flip bump German to Eddie. Lashley eats exposed steel and gets schoolboyed – giving Eddie a fall. Boston knee party hits on the floor leads to Eddie coming in early, while Lashley comes in at 9.5. Knee party hits after Eddie avoids a suplex and ties it up 2-2. Lashley hits a big spear, but it only gets 2.5. Knee party gets 2.5. Lashley counters a flying rana with a single powerbomb that almost went awry, and then a second far better one. Head and arm choke gives Lashley a 3-to-2 edge. Lashley hits a nasty powerbomb/spinebuster thing. Lashley goes for a spear, but Eddie locks on a guillotine choke that Lashley hangs on to until time expires. Lashley wins and Josh calls him the “unstoppable juggernaut of force” for the thousandth time. It is such a stupid and forced nickname. Anyway, this was a great match and the show as a whole was pretty damn good.

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